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Michelle why do you say removing Lakota children to foster care is genocidal war? I mean yes it’s not right but genocide?

The reason I say the United States is still committing genocide by taking our children is this. As a people we are struggling to keep our people alive. Our language, our customs, our very way of life. We are attempting to ensure every child knows his/her native tongue.

Why is this important? With fewer than 20,000 who still speak our language it is dying. With the death of language you usher in the death of the culture. Our language is central to my people. Our customs, stories and legends are all told in Lakota. Lose the language, lose the culture.

The genocidal war is against my people, my culture and my traditions.

The genocide doesn’t want to just eradicate my people, they want to eradicate my culture and history as well. We’ve hung on stubbornly. But if you look at the 1000 children a year taken from the Lakota and Sioux nations, nearly every one of them was learning the Lakota language at home.

In many cases there is no justification for taking the children. They claim they have anonymous tips. Funny thing though is none of those tips come from on the reservation and none of these children had ever been off the reservation. No other explanation is ever given and in court the charges are vague at best. Nearly all that have made it to court (though this takes YEARS) has been over turned and the children returned to the family they were taken from.

Funny thing is it can take with appeals and using the process we as natives must use as much as ten years to get a child back. And it’s expensive as well. It seems it’s still a crime to speak our language. That’s the only crime committed here after all.

Think of the outcry if we took every nearly half the 3 and 4 year old Mexican children and forced English on them, forced them to assimilate to white culture and taught them for ten years how inferior latin culture is. Then returned the children to the Mexican parents speaking only English and no knowledge of their roots.

What if it were black children or white children? The outcry would be incredible. Because it’s native children not a word is spoken to defend them. They are slowly killing our language and our culture and in doing so they are killing our people and way of life. Genocide is fought in the laws now and not with guns and knives.

Why the war?

I don’t know since we’ve always sought peace first. Perhaps they are embarrassed because they believe this nation uniquely founded. In reality it’s a copy of what my people and other tribes had 100s of years before Columbus arrived. Maybe because we lived a peace with nature and call out the waste and wonton destruction of the earth. I really have no the answer to this question. Ask the ones still at war being the U.S. government.