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Introducing a new series. Things you were never taught in school about native Americans. I hope to impart some glimpse at false history and have some fun educating people as well. These will most likely be short and scattered randomly. I will do two today because I want to start the series off right. This will be all for today. Until next time!

Fact 28


Sure Ireland is known for Potatoes but did you know they were imported from native America and were grown by the native Americans 3,000 years before the arrival of Columbus.

Interesting fact since we know Corn and now Potatoes come from native Americans. Did you know more than half the staple food crops in the world today came from native Americans? It’s true!

Fully half the world’s leading food crops can be traced to plants first domesticated by Indians. Native farmers introduced Europeans to a cornucopia of nutritious plants, including potatoes. Maize, or corn, was by far the most significant contribution, now grown on every continent except Antarctica.