“Being Lakota is in your heart not just your blood. It’s a way of walking with the earth instead of upon it. It’s seeking balance in all things to bring balance to self. You must bring balance within always seeking balance without. Walk the earth seeking peace for it is your womb. This is why we call her mother earth.

You will read a lot of the history books that talk about us [the Lakota] in the past tense, but we don’t plan on going anywhere…because that is not balance. As long as our spirit survives the people are not dead. We shall endure the times that come as we have the times that past. Seeking balance in all things and love of all life.

Sure we have lost so very much, but the thing that holds us together is that we all belong to, and are protectors of the earth; that’s the reason for us being here. All our relatives speak and they say balance first. Love, respect and reverence are the keys to the balance within.

Mother Earth is not a resource, she is an heirloom. Protect the balance in her and you will find the balance within yourself.”

~Mato Sapa