Warning this first link may contain nudity but the rest won’t!

Not only did I join Naked Jihad, now I’ve joined Rainbow Jihad?


According to one Christian extremist, I’m going to ruin “his” country. My marriage will single handedly destroy every Christian marriage in this nation! I am powerful if I can do that. I now name myself Queen of the United States of America!

If the Rainbow Jihad really believes it is on “the right side of history”, then why does it lie so much?

And when I use the word “lie,” understand I don’t mean the all-too-typical obfuscations and stretching of the truth we’ve sadly come to expect from our political class. I’m talking outright, utterly baseless, and intentionally deceptive and dishonest lies. Otherwise known as full-fledged propaganda that only a true Marxist could love.

One of the lies he claims is: “How will someone else’s same-sex marriage affect your marriage?” He goes on to say it will ruin ALL Christian marriages and anger God Almighty thus destroying the only Christian nation on earth. Now on this blog we’ve covered the topic of God leaving this nation over “Gay Marriage” right here.

We’ve covered the sins of this “Christian nation under God” right here.

I want just one marriage to come forward and tell me how my marriage to Sarah ruined your marriage. Just one that is your challenge, find me just one of the millions in this nation. I’ll wait but you’ll never find one.

The next lie he claims was this: “No one is going to lose their freedom because we gave the LGBT community the freedom to marry.”

So the same challenge applies. Bring forth a single person of the more than 300 million in the USA who has lost his or her personal freedoms because I married Sarah. Just one, any one? I’ll wait for that one as well I guess.

The next big lie he told: “What two consenting adults decide to do in their own bedroom isn’t your business.”

Ok so a new challenge. Any single person of the 300 million Americans other than Sarah or myself present any single reason why what happens between Sarah and I in the bedroom should be your business. One reason with even a shred of validity.

Now are there members of the LGBT community who go way to far, suing businesses and churches? Perhaps. I can understand the frustration of other same sex couples though. We’ve been ignored far to long and what it took to bring life to the injustice has been the courts. Is it any wonder things have come to this?

A people can only be discriminated against. kicked and put down for so long before they stand up to the bully. Of course they are weaker than the bully so how do they fight back? Well they fight to win and if that means “fighting dirty” then so be it. Remember it is because of the bullying that things have come to this.

I await your answers, don’t make we wait too long ……


One more thing dear mister Christian who will remain anonymous but his initials are “Steve Deace” this isn’t “YOUR” nation, my people were here first and “YOUR” “Christian nation under God” stole it by murdering a quarter billion people in the past 500 plus years. “YOUR” nation is whatever place the boat that brought your ancestors here came from. Why not just go home because the Rainbow Jihad is coming for YOU!