Should have known she was arguing with Arch… Well both have valid points and I absolutely agree “Just because 2 billion people don’t agree it doesn’t mean Jesus had no character or that there is no true Christian. If 100% agreement is the requirement then nothing is real and there isn’t even a real human being, let alone any subgroup by any category. There is not a real white person, not a real Canadian, not a real Atheist and not a real anything else. Because no group is 100% in agreement. About any subject.”

About 8 million people in the US are gay. Even that small number can’t agree what it means to be gay in America. /shrug


Interesting discussion over here.

The author of the post is challenging people to define Christ and being a Christian so I answered him.

Simple to answer really.

1) What is the definition of a Christian? One who follows Christ and his commandment Love god, love everyone else. 

NOTE #1: being a Christian is a personal relationship with God and Jesus. There is no single way to be a Christian just like there is no single way to be a human. Like being a human means you are part of the human race, being a Christian means merely you are being or attempting to be Christ like in loving people. But since it is so personal how we try and be like Christ it is also true there are as many Christians as there are people who claim to be. Some are good, some are bad but they identify with…

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