Happy fathers day to all the fathers who stayed and did the hardest job of all. Raising and loving your kids. You understand it’s more than donating sperm that makes a father. It’s a hard but rewarding job that at the end the thanks you get is a well adjusted child who goes off into this world an adult.

Fathers prove to us that if you love something you let it go.

To my dads, I love you really. All the hugs, all the love, all the prayers, all the trials and all the joys that you’ve seen me through. You are exactly the reason we celebrate the great men who CHOOSE to be fathers. And it does take a great man to choose that life.


Remember the man in your life today who choose to be your father. He might not have been the one who donated the sperm but if he was always there with love then he was your father.

To all the fathers out there, Thank you and know you are loved even when it doesn’t always seem like it.