Rules for if you’re going to debate with me.

  • Please be able to follow simple logic.
  • Please be able to present you argument logically.
  • Come in with an open mind to at least hearing my side and I’ll do the same for you.
  • When you respond to me, answer me if I asked a question. If the question is to hard then I can simplify it but if it requires only a Yes or No then answer as such.
  • Have fun, be clear and don’t internalize the debate.

These are needed as sometimes I tackle important issues like abortion.

On abortion I make it clear that for me abortion outside of rape/incest is murder. I also make it clear I am not anti-abortion for all, I am anti-abortion for me. I am very pro-choice as long as ALL choices have been presented. I’ve never once said a woman shouldn’t have the option but have said for me it isn’t an option at all because of my personal and deeply held beliefs.

To me consensual sex has a possible outcome of pregnancy. Engaging in consensual sex you understand the possible outcomes and orgasm isn’t the only possible outcome. Disease and pregnancy are among other outcomes to sex.

I believe unwanted pregnancy is 100% avoidable outside of rape or incest (which is just another form of rape). It’s called choices and if I choose to open my legs then I’ve chosen to understand the risks I’m taking and the possible outcomes. Personal responsibility is important in this discussion.

See the rational argument presented? Awesome bring yours the same. Rational, civil and thoughtful. You’ll get the same in response. Especially now that my mind is all mine again.