I think this is important. It highlights just what the media does to play a part in the stigma of mental illness and is why so many maybe don’t seek the help they need.

Patients with mental illness are by a great magnitude more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else. This only compounds the suffering and isolation.

I feel sorry for those who died. But this like every mass murder has little to do with mental illness and more with hatred.

Go read it, he’s awesome and this article is spot on, even for Josh who has many great postings this one is one that grabbed me and yelled SHARE ME!

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Hello dear reader(s)!

Of course you have heard about the Charleston shooting last night.  You have probably heard all sorts of narratives about the motives of the shooter, you have probably heard his past history, you have probably heard Fox News trying to frame the attacks as an attack on faith as opposed to race with absolutely all evidence pointing otherwise, including the opinion of law enforcement that they usually seem to hold so dear until it doesn’t serve their agenda.  So what could I possibly have to say about this terrible act of racially motivated domestic terrorism?

Well, I got a couple of things.  The first one, is that last night’s events have really shown me that some of the people I once knew are now people I no longer want to associate with in any way, shape, or form.  I am going to be cutting down my “friends”…

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