Why is it only ok to have one opinion on a subject?

As a woman if I said abortion is fine, I love abortion and I am for abortion. I’d be praised a hero and champion of woman’s rights. However if I use MY rights to say as I have that I don’t believe in abortion. Suddenly I’m not a hero or champion of woman’s rights.

I have never advocated fully removing abortion. I have however advocated for some training and instruction. Let’s show women just what the option are and what they mean. Teach them about adoption, about the programs available to them and the unborn child. Let women make informed and honest choices.

I’m also for making sure women know exactly what is going to happen if they choose abortion. Most are unaware and traumatized by it afterward. Many I’ve heard say I wish I’d not done that. Others years later after having children realize just what they’ve done.

I think with education we could reduce the number of abortions in this nation and make “pro-choice” truly about choice. Informed and learned choice. Free of religious pressure but filled with love and information. But the pro-choice crowd is even against simple informed educated choice.

Why is it being a woman means you must buy into one and only one narrative of being a woman? I must work, be everything a man is and support abortion on demand, oh and free birth control or somehow I am not a woman and don’t care about woman’s rights. Well sorry I choose my son over work, life over abortion and I’ll buy my own birth control thanks.

As for being everything a man is. I don’t want to be a man thank you. Men are men for a reason and I like being a woman. And I can be all for woman’s rights and still believe life over abortion. After all freedom of speech is among my woman’s rights.

It’s amazing the pro-choice crowd feels so threatened when I or anyone chooses to say abortion is wrong. Isn’t it my choice after all? It’s sad you only have a choice if you support abortion.

Because GOD and feminists know choosing life is an affront to woman’s rights! There wouldn’t be so much hate against those who choose life if it wasn’t.