With three translations minimum there are words misrepresented in the bible. Some are very minor like kill vs murder but there is one which fundamentally changes the bible. Today we’ll look at that word.

For those curious murder is to take an innocent life and is a sin against the commandments whereas kill is to kill in self-defense or as punishment when appropriate.

Today we’ll talk about hell.

The Torah has the word Shoel mentioned sixty-five times. In the bible the word has been translated to “hell” but what’s it really mean? The word shoel means “grave” or “burial pit” in Hebrew. Grave in Greek is Tafos and not Hades which means hell or underworld.

Hebrew > Greek > English
Shoel ย  ย > Hades > Hell

We have the written Torah and Talmud as they remain unchanged since before the coming of Christ. We have people able to properly translate the text and we know what they mean. For more than 1000 years before Christ the word is and has been grave “shoel” so why the mistranslation?

Greek mythology speaks of Hades and the Greeks of the time still held to Olympus and it’s gods. They still believe in cruel gods who would punish you in a lake of fire forever. It isn’t a stretch of any imagination to believe they “Greeked” or “greekafied” it. Altered it to fit the more Greek version of death at the time. It also isn’t hard to believe the Greeks who translated the Torah and Talmud had a rudimentary understanding of Hebrew and simply made a mistake. Once the mistake is made it’s repeated over and over.

Either way they made a mistake. This is one big reason Jews even today won’t accept Christianity. If they know how to read Hebrew they would know the mistranslated words.

So either the bible (based partly on the Torah and Talmud) is the absolute word of god or it is merely accepted as a rough translation of what humans thought god meant. If it is indeed gods word then mistranslations should be of huge importance. They should be 100% unacceptable because a mistranslation is a change to the word spoken “BY” god and a change of gods holy word.

Moving to the new testament.

I also donโ€™t find it hard given the obvious mistranslation from written word to also imagine the same Hebrew words was mistranslated in the new testament. Here is why I believe it could have been.

1) Jesus was a Jew, he spoke Hebrew, his words would have been Hebrew.
2) Jesus had a faith, the faith of the people he imerged from. Jesus was a Jew and knew the Torah and Talmud. He would have used the same words since one of his duties as fortold being the messiah was to “bring about full Torah observance.” That means word for word because the Torah (the foundation of Jesus and the bible) is also the holy word of god himself.
3) It is not just conceivable but probable these words were again mistranslated by the same Greeks at the time his spoken word because written.

So another example of Hebrew to Greek to English just this time with spoken word and not written word. Why is it any person would allow the supposed word of god to be altered even in the slightest. Even adding the word “a” should be blasphemy.

let’s cover the “lake of fire” as well.

Lake of Fire agam esh is covered once in the Talmud which is the word of man and not gods absolute spoken word. No the Talmud is gods “inspired” word. The Talmud does cover agam esh once and is used meaning second death in fire. To Jews the lake of fire is where they die the final time if they are unworthy. It is not endless torment it is instant non-existence.

How is it possible that one faith built upon another has and remains so mistranslated? How is it one faith built on the messiah of another is willing to stray so far as to fundamentally change the word of god and still believe in the messiah as written?

Well because people aren’t willing to take an honest and open minded look. We have to remember it is the Torah and Talmud which foretold of the Messiah. It is from these works Christianity took hold. So if we’re being honest we’d examine the mistranslations of words we know are wrong like shoel.

If we were to be honest we’d demand the bible is either holy and gods direct word and therefore changing anything should be the worst kind of sin. Or it is merely mans idea of what god really meant. Either of these still leave no wiggle room for radical alteration like hell.

But alas that changes the entire essence of Christian faith as professed today. Though if I were Christian I’d use it to my advantage. I would embrace the mistranslation and accept an altered view of “hell” as the final death and as written by the foundation of my bible.

Why? Because it sounds more loving for a good and just god to simply let you die and never wake again than to throw you into a pit of fire for eternal torment and damnation. Which sounds more loving to you?


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