Well I am not out of the psych ward and into outpatient therapy only 2 days a week. The remainder of my time will be spent on the outside, at home! Just seven days shy of a year ago when I tried to end my life I was released as no longer being considered as a harm to myself. I’ve never been considered as a harm to others.

So as of last Friday I spent my last day locked up for my own safety. My new schedule is more relaxed meaning more time with Joey and Sarah, more time surfing, and more time out to do what I want.

So Tuesdays and Thursdays will from now on be in individual and group therapy pretty much all day. Monday will be family day that we will all take off work. Well until Joey has to return to school then it’s some Sarah and I time. I work some evenings and Wednesday and Friday mornings. And now I can help in the house more and be there to watch my son more.

I’m so excited about my future!

So much changed in the past year, I can’t even explain it. But for those along for this ride with me, thank you. Thanks for the prayers, support, encouraging words and every manner of well wishes I’ve received. Everything is coming together finally in my life.

It’s weird having my face back. It still sometimes surprising to me that my face is all mine again. Maybe the combinations of everything from this year, forgiving the men who hurt me, time to think, good doctors, marring Sarah officially, my face restored and so much more. Whatever the reason(s) they have put me here today and for that I am well pleased.

Anyway thanks for coming along so far. I’m hopeful the average posts will be more upbeat but no promises. I will still be writing in this blog. Perhaps more, perhaps less depending on the day and time permitting.

I’m devoting my time now to Sarah and my son and then surfing, work, blogging and anything else I find interest and use in. There your short update love and peace to all.

Taking life one glorious day at a time,