I do love how people can determine by words alone that I am an angry person.

People dismiss questions of sincerity by using terms like ” If you want to talk about why you are so full of hate and anger them I am here for you. We must discuss this first for anything else is vanity and produces no fruit.”

Funny, that because my words are passionate they are mistaken as anger.

First let me say this. There is nothing you can write not even if you write like RT my hater can you possibly control my emotions. I won’t let you have that much control. You can’t make me angry, hateful and why? Because you don’t have that power over me.

You can read my words and assume you know my heart but you’d be lying to yourself. Especially people like they one this comment belongs to. He has known me less than a month really and assumes to know me deeply. It’s laughable.

Here is the question I asked and I’ve asked it here before.

If god is good and just how is it that you believe he would bless this nation guilty of so much evil?

In case anyone forgot here is a small list. Genocide of 120 plus million people, the theft by force, lies and deceit of every bit of the land known as America’s contingent states, the broken promises in every treaty ever signed by this nation under god, and so much more. this nation denied the basic “god given rights” of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to the native people of this land until 1997. This nation bragged about allowing freedom of religion and denied just such freedom to the native people until 1997.

So 5 of the ten commandments is violated has been regularly violated by this nation and those who came to it’s shores from 1492 to 1997 and beyond. 500 years of evil claimed “under god”and this nation thinks it is blessed?

So someone answer the question. It is not in anger but in earnest way to have people actually “think” before saying ridiculous things like god bless America. We should be saying god fix America so it is good and just and not closing our eyes and pretending this nation is blessed.

So if god is good and just how is it you believe he could bless this nation given all it’s sins?