Oh how I wished my wish to come true
Walking the beach hand in hand with you
Sometimes we’re troubled and things are not clear
Remember sweet lover I’m always right here.
You’re not alone in this life ever
I promised to be yours now and forever
Please open up, to me all you are
I see your burden and your mental scar

Oh how I wished for a moonlit walk
How I missed since you did not talk
You’re so distant and I reach for you
You can’t see me, standing here too
My heart aches and you stand alone
Meanwhile my love for you I’ve shown
Like a light in darkness, closer it grows
Let me inside so my heart still knows

Oh how I wished for that moonlit time
No matter your trouble this mountain I’ll climb
Open your mouth and give me your pain
I’ll hold you dear in your tears, falling rain
Please let me in, please let me see
Open your eyes, do you see me
We’re partners in all so please let me in
I stand by you and together we win

Oh how I missed the walk I desire
My love burning hot, hotter than fire
I want to be close, you want me away
I don’t have answers or know what to say
I cry inside as I watch from right here
Your silence and solitude and that single tear
What I know is simple, it’s true
What I know Sarah is that I love you

Oh how I missed the walk with my love

I really wanted a walk with Sarah but she’s been down lately. Probably all she’s been dealing with working, school and me in the psych ward. She’s had so much on her plate but I am stronger now. I just don’t know how to make her see me, me right here ready to shoulder her burdens, ready to be her partner. I’m stronger than yesterday and I’m strong enough to help.

How do you make them see the invisible person standing right in front of them? She seems to want me away from her pain inside right now and all I want to do is run in there and take it all away.


Sarah I meant it then and I mean it now. “You mean more to me than the heart in my chest. My words could never describe all you bring to me and all you mean to me. If my creator called me home know you’ve made this life, this moment and every moment the best of my life. You’ve been there for it all and I love you.

She completes my heart and her hand in mine as we walk the path of life together.”

I missed our walk under the heavens and the moon light. I missed more your hand in my own, your words upon my ear and your presence which makes me better than I ever hoped or dreamed I could be. Maybe this weekend you’ll let me inside your heart and we can see your burden lifted in shared embrace. My very heart beats for you, now and until god makes it stop. Yet even then I will not stop loving you; for even god in heaven can’t take that away.

Don’t close yourself to me, not to me. Your silent pain is screaming to me and I can’t ignore it. No I won’t ignore it. Please let me help with whatever is troubling you.

Love always