“Tribal Values are Inferior”

Really? These values are inferior? Inferior to what? The values of this lying, stealing, murderous and genocidal nation. Really? Your “Christian” nations values that we’ve already covered repeatedly are superior?

The USA is still waging war and ignoring it’s own laws to this very day.

You do realize to this very day it is illegal for a native American to “home school” their own children. People get all pissy when I remind them “WE ARE STILL AT WAR” and why? Because the US government won’t honor it’s own laws, it’s own treaties. This so called Christian nation is still trying to finish the genocide they started so long ago.

No people has endured genocide against them so long and in such a large way as the native peoples who called this land home before it was “discovered”. people say to me Michelle calm down, slow down, let laws work. Here is one more example of this great nation simply deciding it can ignore it’s own laws any time it pleases and especially when used against my people.

You say “Oh boo hoo so you’re picked on”, “Michelle you whine to much”, “Michelle you are too angry”, to which I say no we are being exterminated just like Hitler tried to do to the Jews. And I’m supposed to go off into the sunset quietly? I say if the US can ignore treaties and the rule or law maybe it’s time native Americans started ignoring the law and the treaties. But you know why we won’t ignore the treaties? We unlike the US government we have HONOR. Know why we won’t ignore the laws? Because we unlike the US government we actually want PEACE.

To top all this off we are supposed to be a nation on to ourselves and able to self manage and self rule. One more treaty ignored and more laws ignored as well. Do you yet see why the anger of many?