Thirty one years ago today on a dark and stormy night, with fierce winds, lightning, pouring rain and a blizzard and 12 feet of snow, an avalanche and sixteen inches of ice, while the bridge was out and it was 120 degrees and 4000 hours of labor and…well that is how my parents make it sound.

Anyway what a difference 31 years makes. No labor, no snow, no rain, a comfy 88 degrees and nice ocean breeze with palm trees. You guessed it today is my birthday. So why am I up at one thirty am? Well maybe because I am 31 and one thirty is one plus thirty? I don’t know, he’s on first and I don’t give a darn!

Oh he’s our shortstop..

Yup that's me, go ahead tell me how old I look. :P I can still pull off the lolita look without makeup. /smirk

Yup that’s me, go ahead tell me how old I look. 😛 I can still pull off the lolita look without makeup. /smirk

As Satchel Paige said: “Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.”

Today I turn 31, what a road it’s been. Another big celebration comes in eight days. One year cut free! Which is bigger I ask myself and I believe one year cut free is. But today is cause to celebrate as well. So what will I do?

I’m getting out of this joint and my son and I are going parasailing! Oh and eating, can’t leave out eating and lots of it. /lol

What a difference a year makes. Considering at this time last year I was really, really dark. Today that’s a memory that’s fading on the horizon. Calm seas, a good wind at my back and the sun rising before me. Yeah what a change indeed.

“These greatest of all gifts parent to child are solid roots of a redwood, responsibility of choices and the wings to fly toward freedom. There is no greater gift parent to child than to know you’ve prepared them for life.” ~Grandpa Mato Sapa

Why do I say this? My son gets to practice driving now. OMG! A sixteen year old driver, how scary. He’s a good driver, a very good driver, yeah a good driver and he buys his underwear at …….. wait yeah so anyway. Today should be fun, teaching driving, eating, parasailing, eating, exploring a small island, eating, and all with my son.

Then maybe (if I’m lucky) a moonlit walk with Sarah..

A good birthday indeed. Matter-of-fact it sounds about like the bestest birthday ever in the history of birthdays!