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Today I will tell the story and translate word for word and not “English”ize it. It may give insight into how I speak, my cadence and grammar. I think in these words and in this way and then must quickly make it what you would better understand me.

So here is the story in it’s original form without making it more readable to English audience.

Long ago, the animals had a council. They had trouble with men. A great many men they killed them the animals, he spoke the beaver, and he spoke the buffalo and he spoke the otter and they spoke every animal and bird. But the mountain goats they turned around and they left All the animals they called them the mountain goats and they said, “Mountain goats, our brothers, where (question) you all going They said the mountain goats, We are not concerned. We live high up on the mountain They cannot catch us. We can we run quickly before near they come.

And they left. Not they help us By and by, after a while, they came here new people to the Lenape land. They brought them fire sticks Rifles they are Now the men they could shoot them the animals far away. Suddenly, they were afraid the mountain goats. Downhill they run and they said Oh, please, please, the men they shoot us! We fight them should The animals they said “Mountain goats, we had trouble but you all left And now you all have trouble and you want we help you.”

Now we tell a story about these mountain goats and often we ask , ` “You are? mountain goat?” you help him ? your brother Or just you walk by ? like the mountain goat?

This story reminds us all that we should help our brother when he has troubles. You may feel the troubles are not your concern but in time they may become such. There may come a time you need your brother and will he help you? Or will he say when I needed you, you were not there so why should I now help you?

We all need help sooner or later. That is why we say Okiciye Otakuyaya (Help one another in brotherhood). If you are able you should help your brother, weather he is known to you or stranger. He remains your brother and we are all relatives.

The question is now yours to answer in words, deeds and actions. Ri niye he’tato kala? Are you a mountain goat?