I love the rain, I love to be out in it, I love letting it wash over me. All range of emotions are covered by the rain. Some feel when it rains things are bad. I say when it rains we are renewed and the sun that will follow and dry us is made more special by the rain.

Standing, dancing, in the rain

Points well taken, heeled and trained

Laughing, dancing in the rain

Try and try, it’s not in vane

Crying, dancing in the rain

Listen to voices, rise and gain

Screaming, dancing in the rain

Join with voices, joys and pain

Singing, dancing in the rain

Until sun does set and wane

Praying, dancing in the rain

Visions to make a future sane

Clapping, dancing in the rain

I am small, as rice and grain

Cheering, dancing in the rain

My creator loves me, this is plain

I love the rain, when you cry no one can tell. When you dance you do not over heat, when you sing your voice is heard, when you listen he speaks. Rain give life and when you choose to dance within it to celebrate or to despair you are refreshed. I am reminded how small I truly am and how bless as well. To be so small and yet have the ear of my creator who waters my soul with his life giving rain.

When it rains in your life you can despair or you can dance.

I dance and while I dance, I cry, cheer, sing, clap, scream, pray and laugh. As my father waters my soul and washes me clean. I need but listen and all is made clear in silence and the rain.


Some will walk in the rain, while others just get wet.