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So far we’ve learned the Natives of North America practiced medicine, invented sterilization, and many medications, and that in many areas they were vastly ahead of western civilization. They invented the syringe and anesthetics many centuries in advance of western civilization. They understood about keeping wounds clean and sanitation before and after surgical procedures.

This sanitation lead to increased success in surgeries and increased survival rates due to proper medications. They invented the Scalpel and it was so precise it took 3,000 years before western science could make such exact cuts and perfect incisions. Not until the advent of laser could these scalpel cuts be duplicated!

They made parenting easier inventing the baby bottle and baby formula. There is more to come in this area in coming posts. Look for them.

We’ve learned they had written language, rich histories, and explored the world around them. Including being the first to “discover” Europe. (I say that tongue in cheek because Columbus “discovered” America and yet 100 million plus people already lived there.

We’ve learned we enjoy many of the things invented by the Natives of North America including hair conditioner. They invented Duck Decoys for hunting and are still used today.

Foods like cornbread made from a staple food corn. Beef Jerky, a way to preserve the meat so the animal could be used wisely and because it was tasty. the native Americans also worked with plant genetics 7,000 years before European and western culture “discovered it” and began also using it. The native Americans didn’t just discover it they excelled at it.

We’ve learned the Natives of North America had sports that we still play today like Lacrosse and sports like Fly Fishing.

We’ve learned many inventions were also parallel inventions here in the native Americas. Like the wheel was a scientific discovery made by both Europeans and independently made by the native Americans.

Native Americans were the first to leave the “stone age” and work with metals. They also worked with harder metals like platinum move than 2,000 years before Europeans and western culture figured out how. They also were the first to use foils and make rivets which are common place today.

A rough recap of the savage, backward people and the facts left out of your history books. More still to come in this new series series.