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Yup maybe that is you.

I still seek an answer. Why is it you believe god would bless this nation.

I was given the example of Sodom and Gomorrah but in this god did not bless the city for one righteous man. He would have spared it for 10 but his blessing? Well Christians know what happened to the city of sin don’t they?

The nation as a nation is not it’s people. While not one of you has ever wronged me and probably never wronged my people your nation has.

For 500 years this nation has committed genocide against my people exterminating as many as one quarter of a billion of my people. For 500 years my people have been treated as subhuman and denied their “god given rights” and even punished with death when we reached for them by this nation. For 500 years this nation has broken promise after promise to my people. They have permitted and sanctioned the rape of our women and murder of our children. Using Eugenics they even sanctioned our extinction.

How is it given this small summary of sins that ANY sane person could conclude this nation is bless by ANY god of goodness and justice?

That is your challenge Christian friends, friends of those friends, and friends of theirs. Any Christian wishing to explain this please do. If you can not please stop the insanity of believing this nation all good and above reproach.

So here is your questions

1) Is your god all good and justice?

If you say Yes then please continue, if you say no then we have our answer that god is not good and not just and therefore yes that kind god would bless such a nation. End of exercise.

2) Since your god is pure good and just and curses Sodom and Gomorrah and many wicked nations. Why then would you believe he’d ignore the evil this nation has brought to this world?

I contend as a nation god does NOT bless this country. He may bless some of her people, perhaps even many or most of her people. But to bless this nation would mean either your god is not good and just or he does not, never has and only (if we change it) someday may. But certainly to this point in history he has not.

To say otherwise is to say that because Germany with 94% of it’s population claiming to be Christian/Catholic before WW2 was and remained blessed by god. Despite it’s genocide, wars and lies.

To say this nation which has done more wrong and for a longer time is blessed simply because you ask god to bless it is to say Germany was also blessed.

I believe the people who fought and risked their lives to save innocent people from genocide and death were blessed. But was the nation? Far from it.

I await your answers. Either god is good and just and would curse this nation or he is not and blesses lies, murder, and the evil this nation has brought forth. He could love the people as people but the nation as a nation?

Riddle me that please, share it, send your friends, I challenge any to answer. Michelle

PS Don’t just click like I hope for real answers. Either god is good and would curse such action and hence such a nation or god is not good and would bless such evil. There is NO middle ground here.