Really Christians believe this nonsense? “Gay marriage makes god leave America”

So my first question to Christians is do you really believe “God” has turned his back on America because of gay marriage?

Really you believe god has blessed this nation up until now?

So as you murdered in a genocidal frenzy that lasted 500 years (1492-1986) upwards of one quarter of a BILLION people (Yes 250,000,000 people) he sat by and approved of and blessed this nation?

To quote myself “To put that genocide into perspective. In the past 500 years conservative estimates range from 150 million to 250 million of my people have been exterminated by the American genocide. Let’s use 120 million to make things easy to calculate.

Hitler killed some six million Jews which is 1/20th of the American genocide
Khmer Rouge killed 2 million Cambodians 1/60th of the American genocide
Joseph Stalin killed 20 million people 1/6th of the American genocide

There is not a single genocide in this world equal to the American genocide. 100 million died just to found this nation “under God”. 100 million had their freedoms taken so you could have yours. Since those deaths this nation has committed atrocity after atrocity killing upwards of 100 million more of my people.”

He sat by and blessed this nation as you slaughtered all those people and gay marriage will make him run away now?

You god sat by approvingly and blessed this nation which made claims of religious freedoms and yet until 1997 with the religious freedoms act when my people became free without penalty of the law (Up to 1923 it could and sometimes was punished with death afterwards with a year in prison) we were persecuted and NOW with gay marriage he flees and no longer blesses this nation?

He sat while you claimed rights to vote and denied my own until almost 1970?

he sat while you denied me whose family dates back 1,000s of years before any settler from Europe basic citizenship and the rights and protections of the constitution and the law?

Now your god FINALLY acts and it’s on Gay marriage?

I got news for you then. If you HONESTLY believe god will abandon America now because of gay marriage but hasn’t done so from 500+ years of genocide, rape, lies, deceit and broken promises then your god is neither just nor loving.

Since you describe Satan as anti-Christ then by contrast I’ll take Satan since he had the wisdom and forethought to abandon this nation after the first death.

So my question. Given this nations genocidal, homicidal, lying, treacherous, ugly and evil past how you believe for even 10 seconds that god would bless such a nation?

Second part if you truly believe gay marriage is what will turn gods eye then explain how he stood by all these years giving what this nation “under god” has done then in his name and why those sins mean nothing but allowing two people equal protection under the law will make him leave this nation when genocide did not?


I await you answers. ~Michelle