I have just finished two great books this month. I am so getting these autographed.

The first book I’m reviewing is by fellow blogger Secret Angel entitled The Walking wounded the path from broken to wholeness.

I’ve known fellow blogger and now published author secret angel for some time. To say we’ve become friends wouldn’t be an understatement. To say I adore her heart and strength would however be an understatement. I love this ladies heart and strength and she gives me a gift with her book I can never repay. Hope.

After reading her book The Walking wounded the path from broken to wholeness I just want to hug her and NEVER let go. If she can come back from her abuse then I can come back from mine. To say I didn’t have to put the book down and just cry sometimes would be a lie. But to say at the end my heart wasn’t singing with joy would also be a lie.

Secret takes us along for her personal life from tragedy to triumph and everything in between.

Secret is a survivor of abuse and in her book she held very little back. It was raw and powerful and so full of emotions. Every range of emotion is shared in all its gore and all its glory.

I found it a great place for victim, survivor and those seeking to understand abuse and its affects to be a fantastic resource. Secret unashamed and unbroken has come a very long way. Her book will inspire victims to become survivors and survivors to become triumphant gladiators in the battle against the abuses in their own lives.

This book tells the harrowing tale of abuse and the road to understanding and enlightenment. Along this road the victim learns the most important thing they can. I am worth more than this. I don’t deserve to be abused. All while traveling the road to recovery.

Secret is a Christian and a friend. She isn’t shy about giving credit to god all along the way. If you’re not Christian certainly don’t let that deter you because this book still speaks to the heart of the problem. It speaks to the shattered lives and broken, empty souls that are left after abuse. It certainly gives a clear understanding to the pain and reality of abuse.

If you are a victim, a survivor, know a current victim or a survivor; please get them this book! It may well be the best fifteen dollars you’ll ever spend on yourself or your friend. This book will give you a deep understanding just what it’s like to live with, live through and live past abuse. Reading this book being a survivor myself I cried, I smiled, and I cheered as Secret moved from the ugly abused, to the dealing with her past into a bright and blessed future.

This book took incredible courage to write and I am very pleased to have read it. To say I loved this book would be a huge understatement. I know she will credit everything to god but honestly Secret you deserve much of the credit as well.

Secret is an example to us all, her book is an inspiration and her faith to survive all she’s been through is a testament of a most powerful nature. I am humbled and honored to know Secret as my friend and fellow survivor. Someday sister I’ll tell my story inspired by you with the good, the bad and the ugly from tragedy to triumph lead by your example.

I’m still on that road and now it’s clearer still just how to get to the other side and stand triumphant as you now stand. Secret is victim no more and her book can show you how to be the same!

If you want to find the path broken to whole or know someone who needs to know it then get this book. If you want to understand abuse better so you can be more compassionate and helpful then get this book. I’m certainly not sad I got it.


Coming soon A review of another book I’ll already tell you I loved as well from A black rose thrived. Another great resource but that’s a review for another time.