One would think my people were the first casualties of war. One might argue that but you’d be wrong. I’ve learned the true first casualty of war is truth.

The truth of the savages slaughtered for god and country will not die so long as one survives. This is a truth they know full well and why even as recent as 1986 using Eugenics the war against my people still raged against the innocent men, women and children of the native Americans.

The ugly truth will become the legacy of the United States of America. The blood of advanced and civilized people for nearly 500 years stains your hands. It’s a stench and an ugly you will never wash off.

Why? Because those like me will not let truth die. It’s been injured, distorted, forgotten and bent; but it won’t die. We won’t let it and the truth of your genocide, greed and blood lust shall set us free.

With my dying breath I shall keep that truth; the whole truth and the real truth alive.