It’s a character flaw.
It’s a sign of weakness.
It’s just lack of trying.
It’s a lack of will.
It’s a choice.
It’s a lack of faith.
You just need to think differently.
Remember, happiness is a choice.
You just need to suck it up.
Be strong!
You have to believe God can heal you.
Why aren’t you trying harder?
You don’t even have anything to be depressed about.
You’re faking it!
You just want attention.
Give it time.

Even when people see depression as an illness, they often expect individuals to get over it quickly, like a common cold or something. These myths and misguided expectations only add to the stigma and perpetuate the pain of depression.

In reality, depression is an illness that shatters people emotionally, mentally and physically. There are degrees of depression — mild, moderate and severe — but it’s a serious condition that requires treatment at any degree.

I honestly have a hard time describing just how this broken feeling from my depression. It’s so hard putting into words what this feels like. Shattered doesn’t truly do it justice but it will have to do for now.

Because so many people have a hard time understanding the weight of depression, i asked my readers who struggle with the illness to describe their experiences. I got some responses because i believe there is power in sharing or experience with this disease. I believe sharing our personal struggles will enlighten people.

To those who have shared thank you. To those who are thinking about it but fear the stigma email me your stories I will share them annonomously. Every voice matters and every story matters. Yours might be the one that touches a heart and changes a stigma and together we can make a change that matters. Please add you voice and expeience to this vital issue.

Depression is like being trapped in a glass table in the middle of your own life. You’re able to see what is going on around you, but you’re claustrophobic and suffocating inside the glass box. You’re wanting so desperately to get out, but you’re locked inside and no one sees you trapped. You’re alone, scared and desperate to escape and rejoin the world. You just don’t know how to do it. You’ve tried breaking the glass, kicking, screaming, crying, and nothing works. You’re still trapped and slowly dying just watching the world outside forget you’re even here.

That is my description to depression. At times I feel forgotten, disconnected and always alone. I feel like I’m dying inside this glass prison and no one can see inside the girl on her knees dying before their eyes.

What’s yours?