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When I began to study the Koran, the holy book of Islam, I found many unreasonable ideas. The women in the Koran were treated as slaves. They are nothing but sexual objects. Naturally I set aside the Koran and looked around me. I found religion equally oppressive in real life. They considered women as chattel slaves and treated them no better than the slaves of the ancient world. I write against the religion because if women want to live like human beings, they will have to live outside the religion and Islamic law.
– Taslima Nasrin

The Quran is the source of all laws in Islamic countries and it’s called Sharia law. Therefore, the rules of religious jurisprudence as they concern the position and the treatment of women are also based in the Quran. In order to understand the position of women in Islam, one must first examine the Quranic rules concerning women in Islam. Quranic command for husbands to beat their wives.

  1. Man’s Supreme Authority over women

The Quran gives a man complete authority in marriage: “Men stand superior to women…” (Q 4.34). The Quran justifies giving this authority to the man for the following reasons:

First, preference is given to him by the nature of his physical ability: “God hath preferred some of them over others…” (Q 4.34).

Second, preference is given to him by reason of his financial ability: “and in that they expend of their wealth…” (Q 4.34).

This higher position of the man does not change even if

  • A woman has enough money to support herself
  • Even if she has so much money that she can spend it on him.

This preference is because a man has authority over a woman according to the Quran, the ultimate source of Sharia Law, regardless of his or her economic situation.

The leading authorities of Islam state that this ruling of the Quran is an everlasting one as reported by al-Aqqad: “It precedes the development of civilizations and general legislation’s and remains past them.”

We see through out the Islamic world the superiority of man over woman. It seems religions dictate to men and women their “roles” and who is superior to who. This is one problem I have with the big two religions. I don’t “submit” to anyone. My partner and I are just that partners, equals and that means in ALL things.

My faith sees all people men and women as 100% equal under all laws and in all things, from the marriage bed to the hunting grounds we are equal. It’s why girls learn to hunt, fish, fight just like boys and boys learn to sew, cook and care for babies just like girls. I really never understood this idea of a woman allowing herself to be less than equal to anyone.

2. Wife’s Relationship to Husband

In Islam, the wife is a slave to her husband. The Islamic traditions stress that a woman should obey her husband’s commands. At all times she is to obey him and under no situation is she to act on her own.

There is story is told of a man who ordered his wife not to leave the house while he was traveling. During his absence, her father became ill, so she sent to the prophet of Islam asking for permission to go to her father. The response she received was: “Obey your husband.” Her father died, so she then requested permission to go see her father’s body before burial. Again the response was: “Obey your husband.”  When her father was buried, the prophet sent her a message saying, “Allah [god] has forgiven her father because of her obedience to her husband.”

In other words, once married, the woman’s complete emotional, physical and intellectual abilities belong to her husband. He owns them as he owns a donkey. When he is pleased with her he “may” (if he chooses to) reward her and it not…well that’s the next part of this look into wives and Islam.

In addition to absolute obedience, a woman should revere her husband because Islam teaches that, “If a woman knew the right of a husband, she would not sit at his lunch and supper time until he finishes.” She will not eat until “he” (the husband) has finished eating. Really? She has to cook it then wait and serve him until he is done eating. Sad..

One time, a woman came to the prophet of Islam to ask about her obligations to her husband. He said, “If he had pus from his hair part to his foot [from head to toe] and you licked him, you would not have shown him enough gratitude.” Just eww…I mean how sick would you need to be to believe that drivel. Wouldn’t show enough gratitude? For what the privileged of being his slave? Sorry this is sick!

Obedience and reverence towards her husband are two of the wife’s “duties” to him and Allah. These duties form the most important element of worship for her. As the prophet of Islam once said, “If a woman prays her five prayers, fasts the month of fasting, keeps her chastity, and obeys her husband, she will enter the paradise of her Lord.”

Allah will not accept the prayer of a woman if her husband is angry with her. So her only chance at heaven is a happy husband. How sad indeed. This is why her duties are the most important element of her worship. So her husband must be her “Jesus” since her only way to heaven or to be heard by Allah is through her husband being pleased with her.

3. Husband’s Right to Punish His Wife

The Quran gives the husband the right to punish his wife if she goes outside the parameters that he establishes for her. It provides men with instructions: “But those whose perverseness ye fear, admonish them and remove them into bed-chambers and beat them; but if they submit to you, then do not seek a way against them…” (Q 4.34).

Well Christians only demand submission were Islam allows you to beat them into submission.

* Note to any man I marry. I know where you sleep and I promise this if you never hit me I will not hit you but should you lay a hand on me in that manner…. Let’s just say I know were every frying pan(cast iron), rolling pin and knife is in the house. You won’t wake up so hit me and my advice? RUN BITCH!

Bad to my thoughts sorry.

In fact, in reading the verse above one will notice that these instructions were given to the husband concerning a wife whom he ONLY fears disloyalty, not a wife that actually committed a disloyal act. These instructions include the following step-by-step process.


At the beginning of marriage, a husband reminds his wife about the rights that are given to him by Sharia Law. He can say to her, “Fear Allah! I have rights due to me from you. Repent from what you are doing. Know that obedience to me is one of your obligations.” If the wife refuses to fulfill the sexual desires of her husband, then he should remind her of his rights over her body.

Sounds like some Christian blogs I read here…Let’s continue though.

Sexual Abandonment

The Arabic word used in the verse to describe abandonment (hajr) on the part of the husband can carry multiple meanings:

  • Desertion – If a wife remains “disobedient,” her husband should ignore her. This means he abstains from sexual intercourse with her as part of this phase of punishment.
  • Forced Sexual Intercourse (“tightening the bindings”) – While the word hajr is interpreted to mean “to refuse to share their beds,” the word hajr has several meanings. One of these meanings indicates the hajr of the camel when the owner binds the animal with a hijar, or rope. This disturbing interpretation means that the term used in Q 4.34 (“refuse to share their beds”) can actually mean to bind the wife and force her to have sexual intercourse. (Tie her up and rape her! And this is where submission leads sick sick sick!)

This meaning is the adopted view of al-Tabari, whom is a renowned classical Islamic commentator. Other scholars, who also support this interpretation, state “it means to tie them up and force them to have [sexual] intercourse.” (aka again rape)

The Quranic principle of a man’s right to a woman’s body is not open for discussion. Regardless of her psychological, emotional or physical state, she has to obey the man’s command to lie in bed and have sexual relations with him. After all, the prophet of Islam repeatedly made statements advocating this view: “If a man calls his woman to his bed, and she does not come, and then he goes to bed angry at her, the angels will curse her until the morning.


If the previous methods, including instruction, rape and verbal abuse, fail to correct a wife’s behavior, then a husband is given the right to beat his wife. Even though verse Q 4.34 does not specify the mode or limit of the beating, it is believed that the prophet of Islam put a condition on the beating, classifying it as “not excessive.” As a result, when interpreting the phrase “not excessive beating,” scholars offer the following guidelines:

  • Avoid hitting the wife’s face.
  • Do not break any of the wife’s bones.
  • Use nonfatal implements or physical force:

[Such as the use of al-siwak (a twig of the Salvadora persica tree), or shoe laces, etc. and the use of hand, etc. [hitting, slapping, punching the neck and chest, etc.]

The wife may receive a beating for every behavior that incites the anger of her husband or for every act that her husband does not like. Current Islamic literature supports the legitimacy of beating and its benefit for “upbringing.”

For example, the Egyptian scholar Muhammad Mitwalli al-Sha‘rawi (AD 1911-1998), who was considered among the top Muslim thinkers in the twentieth century, records his position:  “Beating is not a sign of hatred. It could be a sign of love. As long as it is not excessive, it would only cause a small amount of pain. A person might resort to lightly beating the loved one due to desiring what is in the person’s [best] interests and due to caring about the person. A woman, by her very nature, understands that, coming from her husband. She knows that his anger at her and his punishing her…will soon pass away and with its passing, its causes will pass. Therefore, they remain in their relationship as if nothing happened.”

IE: You will take the beating and like it bitch now shut up and lay back down or I’ll tie you up and rape you again! This is utterly sick and twisted. As I feel strongly against submission in Christian style marriages at least it doesn’t raise to the level of actually making me sick like this.

Ironically, Islamic literature claims that Islam as a religion has improved the position of women and is the only religious doctrine that honors women. I honestly don’t see how this is better than a wife of any other culture or faith, matter of a fact it’s worse than most. This is a woman’s place under Sharia Law, no thanks people, not this woman!


Quranic sources for the ideas published here and the opinions stated some of which are listed and explained in more detail here. Since I know the email flames, hate mail and such are coming. Possibly even a new death threat yippy for the religion of pieces!

Women are essentially the possession of their men. They are to honour and obey their husbands without questions as Muhammad Commands.

SAD 11:2135 Muhammad said “If I were to command anyone to make prostration before another I would command women to prostrate themselves before their husbands, because of the special right over them given to husbands by Allah.

The Qur’an states that the wife is analogous to the tilled earth of her husband, making her accessible for him to use whenever and however he desires. And if he can cope, he may marry up to four at the same time.

Q2:223 Your wives are as a tilth (tilled earth) unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will.

Q4:3 Marry of the women, who seem good to you, two, three or four

If four is not enough then concubines, females captured in battle are acceptable.

SB 59:524 From the captives of Hunayn, Allah’s Messenger gave Ali a slave girl called Baytab and he gave Uthman a slave girl called Zaynab and Umar another.

If a husband wishes to accuse his wives of a misdeed or transgression, even though he has no witnesses, he has the power to declare four times that the accusation is true. The wife does have the option to declare four times that he is telling a lie. However a wife has no right to make an accusation against her husband and give her testimony four times.

Q24:6 Those who accuse their wives and have no witnesses except themselves, the evidence of one of these should be taken four times, bearing Allah to witness that he is most surely of the truthful ones.

Q24:8 But it would avert the punishment from the wife, if she bears witness four times (with an oath) By Allah, that (her husband) is telling a lie.

According to Muhammad most women are destined for Hell. His reasons are outlined in the following hadith:

SM 1:142 Muhammad said “O womenfolk, you should ask for forgiveness for I saw you in bulk amongst the dwellers of Hell.” A wise lady said: “Why is it, Allah’s Apostle, that women comprise the bulk of the inhabitants of Hell?” The Prophet observed: “You curse too much and are ungrateful to your husbands. You lack commonsense, fail in religion and rob wisdom of the wise.

SB 62:124 Muhammad said “I stood at the gate of the Fire and saw that the majority of those who entered it were women.”

For a woman to get into paradise she must please her husband. Her eternal existence in the afterlife is all dependent on the whims and fancies of her husband.

Al Tirmidhi & Ibn Majah – The Prophet said, If a woman dies while her husband was pleased with her, she will enter paradise. If a woman is unwilling to please her husband when required, then she will be cursed all night by angels.

SB 7:121 Muhammad said “If a man invites his wife to sleep with him and she refuses to come to him, then the angels send their curses on her till morning.

In many strict Islamic societies, women are forbidden from entering mosques for prayers. In those where the regulation is relaxed, they are either provided with another room or are partitioned behind a screen. Muhammad said it was best for a woman to pray in her own room which in most likelyhood gave rise to this stipulation.

SAD 204:570 Muhammad said “Your (Aisha) prayer in your private room is better than your prayer in other rooms of your house, and your prayer in other rooms of your house is better than your prayer in the halls of your house, and your prayer in the halls of your house is better than your prayer in your community’s mosque.

According to Muhammad, a woman is equated alongside a dog in her ability to invalidate a man’s prayers. Another reason for exclusion from the mosque on can assume.

SB 9:490 Muhammad said “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).” Aisha said, “You have made us (women) dogs.

During the month of Ramadan when Muslims are expected to fast, a woman must first acquire permission from her husband. This ruling is to ensure that the wife is sufficiently able to see to her husband’s needs. If he determines that she cannot meet her marital obligations if fasting, then he has the right to prevent it. It should also be noted that Muhammad said women fail in religion because they cannot always fast in the holy month. Failing in religion opens up the gates of Hell for them.

SAD 13:2452 Muhammad said “A woman should not fast except with the permission of her husband.

A woman should also not leave her house without her husband’s permission. The following hadith retells the story of a returning jihadi about to kill his wife because she stepped outside in fear of a snake.

SM 26:5557 – …a man returned home and found his wife standing outside. He bent towards her with a spear in order to stab her. She said: Keep your spear away and enter the house to see that which has made me come out.

The beating of women by their husbands or fathers is legal under sharia law. Both Allah and Muhammad recommended the beating of women.

Qur’an 4:34 Good women are obedient. As for women from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and beat them.

Al-Tabari Vol.9 – They (women) should not commit any open indecency. If they do, then God permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them.

SAD 11:2141 – Women have become emboldened toward their husbands, he (the Prophet) gave permission to beat them. Then many women complained against their husbands. So the Apostle said: “They (the women) are not the best among you.”

SM 9:3506 – Allah’s Messenger said: They are around me as you see, asking for extra money. Abu Bakr then got up went to ‘A’isha and slapped her on the neck, and ‘Umar stood up before Hafsa and slapped her.

Muhammad struck, Aisha, in the chest one evening when she left the house without his permission. Aisha narrates,

SM 4:2127 “He struck me on the chest which caused me pain.”

The beating of a wife is strictly the husband’s business. Muhammad did state that it was of no concern of anyone else; the woman should not complain but remain with her husband.

SAD 11:2142 The Prophet said: ‘A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife.

SB 72:715 A woman came to Muhammad and begged her to stop her husband from beating her. Her skin was badly bruised and described as being greener than the green garment she was wearing. Muhammad did not admonish her husband, but instead ordered her to return to him and submit to his desires.

If you marry a woman and find out she is pregnant she must be beaten after giving birth. The child will become the slave of the husband with no option for the mother or biological father to gain custody.

SAD 11:2126 – A man from the Ansar said: I married a virgin woman in her veil. When I entered upon her, I found she was already pregnant. The Prophet said: She will get the dowry returned, for you made her vagina lawful to you. The child will be your slave. When she has begotten, flog her.

There are many many more but I’ll stop here I believe these are ample proof enough for sourcing material.