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Introducing a new series. Things you were never taught in school about native Americans. I hope to impart some glimpse at false history and have some fun educating people as well. These will most likely be short and scattered randomly. I will do two today because I want to start the series off right. This will be all for today. Until next week!

Fact #8


Indians cleaned wounds and incisions with water that they had sterilized by boiling it.Ā  Operating under sterile conditions and keeping wounds clean and bacteria-free did not become part of Western medicine until the early 1900s. That’s 3000 years behind the primitive savages known as native Americans.

Before anyone tries to correct my word. I said what I meant and meant what I said.

Asepsis is the state of being free from disease-causing contaminants (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites) or, preventing contact with microorganisms. The term asepsis often refers to those practices used to promote or induce asepsis in an operative field in surgery or medicine to prevent infection.