How did Christians get so far off the mark?

Judaism does not demand that everyone convert to the religion. The Torah of Moses is a truth for all humanity, whether Jewish or not. King Solomon asked God to heed the prayers of non-Jews who come to the Holy Temple (Kings I 8:41-43). The prophet Isaiah refers to the Temple as a “House for all nations.”

The Temple service during Sukkot featured 70 bull offerings, corresponding to the 70 nations of the world. The Talmud says that if the Romans would have realized how much benefit they were getting from the Temple, they’d never have destroyed it.

Jews have never actively sought converts to Judaism because the Torah prescribes a righteous path for gentiles to follow, known as the “Seven Laws of Noah.” Maimonides explains that any human being who faithfully observes these basic moral laws earns a proper place in heaven.

So if Christianity is based on Judaism then how is it they believe non-believers aren’t saved when Jews clearly believe they are or can be?

See there are paths defined that allow ALL peoples a path to heaven. It’s odd to think from a Jewish perspective that Jesus to Christians becomes an intermediary to God. Prayer is personal and direct without any between you and God. So Jesus please help me, places an intermediary between the god of the Jews and the creator of all and the foundation of the bible and you.

I’ll keep my faith and I know this will tick off Christians but you are obviously mistaken to believe there is no other path since the faith and book your faith is derived from clearly states contradictory claim in this regard.

Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew and that’s good enough for me.