In response to and many of the idiotic comments there.

Culture determines what is acceptable and what is not. To me I was raised unashamed of my body. My nudity or lack of nudity does not affect you in the least. Look, don’t look I don’t care. I went nude for naked Jihad to say no to the treatment of women under sharia law. You can read about naked Jihad (without my picture) here.

I personally believe (here comes the condemnation. My body is my body and it’s none of your business how I choose to dress. If you are offended look away.

I went nude here:

I am not ashamed of it. Why should I be? Because YOUR morals say I should be? Not happening. Why? Because YOUR morals aren’t mine nor do they matter to me. How is that for a reason?

So you believe it is loving to dictate to me how I -MUST- dress? I think that is not loving at all because it presumes you are some moral authority over all men and women. Guess what? You are not any kind of moral authority able to dictate to me.

I take extreme example here “Heathen cultures, your comfort and what pagans care about is entirely irrelevant. ” Again who the fuck are you to define heathen cultures and pagans. It is far from loving to make such claims. 1) You basically define ME as less than human.

The term Heathen is what Christians used to commit genocide against my people for more than 500 years Christians have been killing the Heathen native Americans. Forced serialization, forced abortions, murder on a scale unimaginable. The native American genocide is ten time worse than Hitlers genocide and cleansing. All that blood is on this Christian nations hands.

Who sir is the Heathen, unloving, uncaring, dehumanizing here? The “savage heathen natives who lived in peace or the “peaceful genocidal Christians who stole this nation”.

To further call me, my opinion, my culture irrelevant is about as far from loving or caring as you can personally get. IT ISN’T CHRISTIAN! Jesus was a Jew, he adopted HEATHEN culture like eating pork, not staying kosher and many more things. he was loving and ANY attitude which simply dismisses others simply because they are different is NOT WHAT JESUS WOULD DO.

So what a Christian is supposed to do is act like Christ and this frankly is NOT acting like Christ. Christians have done many awful things when they are allowed to define others, define morals, and define cultures as irrelevant and sub human.

Try again. personally what I’ve seen “good Christians” do to my people for more than 500 years including through the 1970s with eugenics leads me to say frankly your opinion is irrelevant. Notice I didn’t say you are. Why? Because unlike comments I’ve seen here I actually value you as a person, I just don’t care about your limited and narrow idea or morality.

Unlike you I am not ashamed of the human body nor do I get overwhelming sexual feelings because I see a naked person. I understand I am in control of me regardless of what you wear or don’t wear. I don’t see it as taking away your person nor your morals just because of what you wear or don’t wear. How you speak, what language you speak, how you look, how you believe, nothing you do personally affects me.

So aside from violating my rights, or my person I personally don’t give a rats ass what you do. I won’t pretend to be the worlds moral police especially while in the name of my morality people have been slaughtered by the 100s of millions. Don’t think good Christians did just that? Tell it to the 100 million dead native Americans. Most of them unarmed women and children like at wounded knee and should I need to point out more I can gladly.

Remember it was this same subhuman irrelevant attitude that lead Hitler to murder 5 million Jews, 4 million others including blacks and others he saw this way, and Christians to murder 100 million Heathen native Americans.

Sound like a loving thing to say or do? Then try loving like this do MY actions affect you? The answer is unless I am punching you in the face NO they don’t. So here is loving LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! How about we try that?

Take YOUR beliefs and stop trying to FORCE ME to believe them, take YOUR morality and stop SHOVING it down MY thought. it’s moral arrogance to believe yourself superior to another. You sir and ma’am are human and not perfect and you sir should practice love and let me live the way I choose to live.


Jesus lived a life that made people come to him. He never force converted ANYONE and never dictated HIS morals to anyone except those who were already supposed to believe as he already did. Sure he told the holy men of his time because they were of the same faith. He influenced others by his LIFE and not his MOUTH. His love and not condemnation changed people.

Perhaps it’s time you acted like Christians yourselves and let your lives speak and your mouths fall silent for a change. Try loving EVERYONE and stop judging them as inferior, irrelevant, or sub human. You might find your words then match your actions. Until then your legacy with such thinking is the 100s of millions killed by your brethren.