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Introducing a new series. Things you were never taught in school about native Americans. I hope to impart some glimpse at false history and have some fun educating people as well. These will most likely be short and scattered randomly. I will do two today because I want to start the series off right. This will be all for today. Until next week!

Fact #5

Language, you were taught in school that these savages “Native Americans” didn’t have a written language. That is blatantly false. While the whole of the people did not have a single written language many nations did. Here is the pre-Roman Cherokee language.

The Cherokee Alphabet

The Cherokee Alphabet

Many nations including the Eskimo, Ckee, Maya and others have written languages that survive even today. They aren’t taught in school and like they did to my people the settlers tried to destroy any and all evidence of an advanced civilization. My people had a language and the settlers almost stole everything from us.

As savages we had the Sioux Dream and like other nations they pushed us to near extinction.  Our language, faith, customs and way of life was forbidden to be practiced for more than a century. In spite of this our sign language (Yes the natives Americans had a sign language) our verbal language and our faith was secretly passed down.

So did the native people have written language? Yes. Where they Roman influenced languages? No. They were unique and uninfluenced languages. Did the native Americans possess an alphabet? Yup, you bet they did.

So much for the idea of savages. The fact that these languages were almost destroyed and only by the brave men and women who secreted them at great risk do they survive today. Proves the fact despite what you may have learned that the native peoples in pre-Colombian and pre-viking times were advanced and far from the savages taught in grade school history books.

There were other languages but all traces of the written words were destroyed. A century forbidden to speak, read, write, teach our languages, our history, and our faiths destroyed much of the written word of the Native American world. But there are some that survived like Cherokee, Cree, Mayan, and Eskimo. All of these languages predate the Vikings 954 arrival by 100s if not 1000s of years.