The neanderthals within the feminist movement want you to believe this. Who are these neanderthals? Why they are the loudest, most out spoken, pretend to be leaders of this movement. This type of thinking is also why I’m not a feminist.

Is it right however to brand a woman who claims to be a feminist with the same broad brush those out spoken feminists brand men with? Everyone has a knee jerk reaction when someone touches our hot buttons. I try and step back, take a breath and reply logically and calmly. (It doesn’t always work for me either).

My pet peeve is being painted with a broad brush by others. Because I’m a woman with an opinion I “must be a feminist” and you’d be wrong. Because I am a woman and married to a woman I “must be part of the gay Nazis who ruin businesses and lives that disagree with my life style” and you’d be wrong.

I don’t think penis makes men bad. (This is NOT an invitation to send me penis pictures. Honestly guys a penis in person is cute but for some reason put it in a picture and 9 times out of 10 it’s a turnoff.) But back to my point. I also don’t subscribe to you must be an evil bad person if you don’t acknowledge my wife and I as pure and heavenly.

No all I expect is you treat me like a human being, the child of god we both are. If I visit your cake shop and you say well I can’t make you a cake for you anniversary because I can’t support such a union. I respect that and I’ll find someone else who wants to take my money in exchange for goods and services.

People are people and we all have opinions and beliefs. We all have assholes too and it seems the assholes are the ones from any group who get most of the attention. This is true of the Femanazi, the GLBTnazi and the KKK, New Black Panthers, and all the hate groups.

If you are white does the KKK speak for you? Didn’t think so. Feminists and GLBT leaders don’t speak for me either. It’s also ok to disagree with one another but do we need to lose civility when we do? I hope not.

There is a subtle art known as conversation and within that art one known as debate. Have we forgotten how to debate?

Debate: A friendly exchange of opposing view  points, or view points with dissimilar outcomes.

The keyword there is “friendly”. Becoming angry because of another’s opinion gives them a power over you. Frankly control of my mode isn’t a power I wish to give up. So where is the problem? Perhaps we are missing something in our wiring that tells us we are always right. People today seem to think they must always be right.

Being raised that everyone is a winner and with a sense of perceived self worth that’s been inflated beyond reason. Society seems to be cranking out these children who have and are becoming adults in record numbers. I personally think learning to win graciously and lose graciously is important in life. It’s also missing in today’s society it seems.

My two cents what’s yours?


“People are people so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully.”