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Have you ever noticed how good pair of jeans is just like a man?

You’re so excited when you first get them. You’re so excited and it’s all new, they compliment your curves so well. You want to go everywhere with them and show them off. Of course there is a period where they are still a little awkward and though you’re excite it still requires a break in period.

Man that break in period takes longer for some than others but once everything fits in all the right places you just feel so great.  Now they are broken in, just the way you like them, you just fit so well. It’s like they are simply part of you, they move with you, allow you to breath and the compliment your every curve just so.

Now you can’t picture your world without them. You adore them and they just make you feel so awesome then you never want to trade them in.

I’ve had these jeans since I was 18 they feel like an old boyfriend and yet my wife saying it’s time to get rid of them to which I say “Noooooooooooo, not Rodger, never Rodger!” These jeans went to senior year of high school, through college and have been my constant companions in comfort. They are my go to jeans when I want to feel just right.

/sniffle sniffle

Lucky for me I guess men last longer than jeans. But I’m gonna miss Rodger.