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V is for victory

V is for victory

Yesterday was mothers day. I was so excited, I love mothers day! I rose in the morning to another glorious day ahead. It was going to reach 90, my son and I were going to surf all day, and we were going to try this new buffet place I’ve been wanting to try.

Anyway I was off to a great start. After finishing my shower I went through my morning routine to discover a horror! My battery in my right CI implant was dead and not charging!!! AHHHH

Mothers day spent deaf. What a set back. It was frustrating, so very frustrating. Back to sign and reading lips on the one day I really wanted to hear my son. We don’t always get what we want they say.  Well breakfast was infuriating, phantom sounds when I watched people speak. I know I was deaf but the phantom noises are the worst.

Then off to surfing! Racing the waves with my son is something we both enjoy. I usually surf deaf anyway. So I expected this part of the day to be quiet. Still upset about not being able to talk like normal people at breakfast. But once my body hit my board it was surf time.

For a while I sort of forgot about the batteries. Joey and I had a blast. We always do. At lunch the same frustration of using sign and lip reading I want to talk, I need the practice. I seriously wanted to pull my hair out at times. It was a tough day for sure because of the deafness.

I still had a lot of fun though. I guess my frustration was obvious though. And now in just a few minutes I’ll have new batteries and they will be 50% charged. 2 new sets so now I have 3 left and 2 right batteries that work. I should make it through the day at least.

it’s Josef’s birthday and I want to be able to talk to my son and I will be able to now. So I made it through a tough time yesterday, not quite the way I planned things but I made it through. I got, good food, the best company and surfing time with my son. I got what I needed.

So why is this a victory? I didn’t feel like cutting. As upsetting as it was, as unplanned as it made the day and as unnerved as I was I still had a great time. I was down but I wasn’t depressed and I found and made the best of the day. That is my victory and I’m proud I made it. I am thankful for my wife and Joey for the support. I love you both and today we celebrate another victory.


PS The buffet was incredibe. The BEST BBQ ribs on the island so far for sure.