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Today is mother’s day. It’s a time to celebrate the gift of motherhood. We all know mothers, we all had a mother. It’s a rare and special thing to be a mother. Life is precious and I don’t believe it is a choice. Today is a day to celebrate the women brave enough to know this.

So today a simple wish to you.

If you are a mother or are an expectant mother. May your day be blessed and your children close. Happy mother’s day.

To my mother and mother-in-law, I love you mom and always will I wish I could be there today. Happy mother’s day. Thank you for valuing my life and having me.

To my Grandmothers and great grandmother, I love you and thank you for being part of my life. I’ve learned by your example in my mother what being a mother means. Happy mother’s day.

Know peace, love and joy this day because being a mother is the single most important thing I or any woman can ever do. It’s the hardest, the least acknowledged at times and the most personally rewarding thing you will ever do. Society tell me that being a mother is second to being a woman, but society doesn’t define me. This is how I define myself I am a mother first, a wife second, and then a woman last.

I am proud to be a mother first I hope you are as well.


I know feminists will criticize me for that but they don’t define me either. Flame on should you desire to on this you can’t bother me even in the least.