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For all we are and all we are not.

The important thing is to have fun.

There’s not getting out of life alive.

So why choose to live on the run?

For all we are, we are all we are.

Living and loving beneath the sun.

There’s inherent urgency to life.

Slow down and have some fun.

For all we are, we are not enough.

But we are all we need.

I’ve been learning this in therapy. Our time here is limited and though we might feel alone at times. There are more than 7 billion people on this planet. We have a shared experience in the human race. We exist on the same timeline and in the same moment. In too short a window we will expire from that timeline and what do we take with us? What do we leave behind?

What we can take with us is uncertain. I do believe we take our collective memories with us. Those same things are all we truly leave behind. We leave our shared memories and they live in those we touched. Looking back I have to ask am I proud of the shared memories I’m leaving behind?

The answer is no, not right now. I’d be leaving so much pain behind. Those who watched me suffer, cut, and cry. I need to change those memories so when my time arrives I’ve left a legacy of hope and joy instead.


PS I know I have several blog awards to get to I am working on them promise and you’ll see them next week. There are many more native facts coming. Three more in the coming week already planned. ❤ you all!