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It should awaken all believers to what has happened to this nation that was founded on Christian principles, that in the year 2015, a Christian baker and his wife have been ordered to pay $135,000 for supposedly causing “emotional, mental, and physical suffering.”

I am not taking issue with the wrong fullness of the poor bakers who were following their beliefs. I am taking issue because this guy seems to think his “Christian principles” which “founded” this nation are so high and above reproach. Maybe it’s about time we shut that dumb ass idea up forever.

No you asshat this nation was stolen from the nations that were here BEFORE you. They had already founded nations.


This nation wasn’t founded by Christians it was STOLEN by them. How many commandments did they break to “found” this nation?

  1. Let’s see for starters. “You shall not murder.” I’d say the genocide of the 10s of millions who already lived here counts as murder.
  2. You shall not commit adultery. The systematic rape of the native women who were married under their god and joined as a couple would constitute adultery.
  3. You shall not steal. “You stole our land through deception and force.
  4. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Again you misrepresented and took advantage, you slandered us as the savages all the while continuing your genocidal war. Who was the savage sir?
  5. You shall not covet. You coveted and stole our land, or identity, force converted, lied to and murdered my people.

Your “Christian” forefathers broke half your sacred commandments in the “founding”. You stole our ideas about nations. Honestly I’d be ashamed to make this claim fool.

You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife; and you shall not desire your neighbor’s house, his field, his male servant, his female servant, his ox, his donkey, or anything that is your neighbor’s.”

Yup good Christians all of them. If this is your idea of moral then thanks but no thanks stuff your ideals in your ass. My laws were here LONG before yours were dreamed of. I’ll keep those and you Christians like this can get the fuck out of MY country. It belongs to the people who it was stolen from by these so called good Christian founders and so called good Christian faith.

Do I think all people who do not have native blood dating back to before Columbus should leave? Nope. Only self righteous asshats who believe the founding of this nation on Christian principals was all roses and cream and that because they are Christians that Christians are above reproach.

The evil done to my people because of your Christian forefathers was inexcusable. Where were your perfect values then? Where is your outrage about MY peoples suffering at the hands of so called Christians? No when the shoe is on the other foot you’re fine being the bully, the terrorist, and the persecutors.

You are far from perfect so stop preaching to me because I have some preaching for you. Stop pretending to be so perfect and righteous. The Christians who “founded” this nation with “Christian values” are no better than ISIS and that sir is a fact you can stick in your pipe and smoke.


Note added May 17, 2015

For those who missed the point of this post let me make it clearer. It has nothing to do with anger. I am not angry about the past. I certainly won’t let people burry it even though some here obviously disagree.

The post is about Christians constantly preaching their morals and their superior morals to people like me who are not Christian. They comment about how this country is a Christian nation. And use that as some form of moral authority. This post highlights just where those supposed morals lead us.

I detailed those morals and the sins justified by them. So stop preaching to me about your perfect morals.

That is the point of the post. Thanks I am closing comments since people can’t stay on topic it’s obviously a hot button for some. Or perhaps they don’t understand the point of the post.