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A while back I wrote about the American Experiment.

I showed you the experiment was in place centuries before America was even a concept. I am constantly preached at about gay and lesbian intolerance. I am not intolerant, I don’t get in your face and demand you make my wedding cake, I do not demand you change your churches.

No I never have. I demand equal protection under the law but nothing else.

I have been dealing with many self righteous Christians lately. NOT ALL CHRISTIANS. I wanted to make sure that was understood. But these I am speaking of believe themselves to have some moral high ground based in their perfect faith. These same people believe that can dictate to others how to live.

“Civilization is about rising mankind above the level of prehistoric barbarism. It’s no argument to suggest that either animals or savages practice ‘alternative sexuality’. Western Civilization is predicated on monogamy and has been since the Ancient Egyptians.”

In thesame post he then says “That other cultures behave differently doesn’t give them the right to impose their beliefs on the rest of us.”

the irony is this guy doesn’t see his own intolerance in just a few lines of reply. This self righteous Christian idiot can’t see his own self righteous stupidity.

So here I am a true native American whose roots in this land go back 10,000 years and he is telling me about who imposes whose will?

Here is my reply “Ahh but you can force yours on others again the double standard do onto others except I will do unto you. Besides if you live in America this was my peoples country until self appointed Christians committed genocide. Yeah you are high and mighty indeed. Try again on who imposes what my friend.”

“The Sioux nation thrived before your so called western civilization. We also had the American dream long before America with elected officials, laws, everything America pretends to be. Yet we did it 1000 plus years before westerners and we were the savages. My ass..”

“So I ask again what gives Christians the right to pretend to be moral people when your history is chuck full of intolerance, genocide, hate? Really this is the best you have? Pass I’ll keep my god and my ways. Christians brought slavery, scalping and so much wrong to this country. And now you wish to talk tolerance? I would never live under sharia law but I refuse to live under yours. Mine were here 1000 years before westerns showed up. We had no slaves, war was short and often without blood, we thrived and the land was pure and clean. Westerners brought polition, intolerance and death. Yup sounds like a moral high ground to me.. NOT.. next”

Before you pretend to have some divine moral high ground stop a moment and think of the evil your own Christian intolerance brought to many places around the world. Especially here in MY country. You want to discuss intolerance? I know none of those men are alive today but they are alive in intolerant asshats like you.

Secondly the gay and lesbian so called leaders do NOT represent me. But because YOUR belief is one man and one woman even though your bible contradicts that with multiple marriages by all your greatest heroes of the old testament. My people also practice multiple marriage. So based on your intolerant history and given the imperfection and evil that your own faith has brought what makes you feel you have any moral high ground?

if anything my people who never committed genocide, never owned slaves, lived in peace, lived at one with the land would have a far greater moral standing my friend. It is longer standing, more peaceful and not filled with the same evils yours is. So who would have the moral high ground really? Certainly not you sir. The fact Christians killed my unarmed people in mass numbers makes your faith honestly no higher than ISIS today.

We are talking about only some Christians but it’s time you get off your moral high horse. YOU AREN’T PERFECT and nor is the tolerance of your professed faith.

Do I believe all Christians bad? No I have many I like to talk to. But everyone is tolerant or all and understand Christianity is about love first and foremost. How can you love and not be tolerant?

Before lecturing me about your moral authority and divine right to force your beliefs on me. Your faith has been used by so many like you to commit great evil on innocent and unarmed women and children.

I have stood on the ground where Christians who were also soldiers for the US gunned down 100s of my people. Women and children all unarmed against machine guns and well armed soldiers. Wounded Knee is what your “moral high ground” brings. You believe everyone else savages and barbarians but yet you emulate those same? My people lived the American Dream until your people killed these peace loving people whole sale.

Take that to your moral authority and stuff it in your almighty ass of tolerance. Just because you believe yourself morally superior doesn’t mean you are.

~Kuwa Sumanitu Taka (pursuing wolf) aka Michelle Styles