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People in general seem to lump people into groups. They then define the group by the worst and most out spoken of that group. They do this with groups they are afraid of for some reason or another. Follow my examples a moment.

By the talk and hype you’d think the KKK represents all white people. You’d then conclude all white people are racist and hateful people. Because the KKK is made up of hateful and racist people. But the KKK is a very small group of white people, very small.

By the way people talk the entire gay and lesbian community is judged by the few vocal and militant people who claim to lead it. While a majority of gay and lesbian people just want to get along and live their lives they are judged and associated with the militant minority.

Al Sharpton is an outspoken member of the “African American” society. His big mouth is what people tend to judge that community on. That or the people causing riots and committing crimes. Those are the minority by which the majority is branded.

The same can be said about the Westborough Baptist Church. Does this small minority represent all Christians or even all Baptists? No they don’t.

When you look deeper into any group and see it is made up as people and you choose to not judge an entire group by it’s most outspoken you might learn a few things about the people who are lumped together because they share some common bond, feature or experience.

When we call names to belittle it doesn’t reflect upon them it reflects upon you. Because you choose to see the worst in any group and overlook the people as individuals don’t be surprised when others do the same to you.

If you wish to demonstrate your own ignorance and in ability to see people as people thank you for showing us your true colors.

I understand when you call me redskin that it’s your ignorance showing through. The same goes for terms like nigger, fag, slut, whore, and any other term used to belittle a group of people to make yourself feel superior to another all you’ve done is shown your own inferiority complex.

I feel sorry for you as a person,