My view of glorious day begins.

My view of glorious day begins. Peace upon the water. 

I am blessed today with more surfing, greeted by sunrise from my board. An outing alone and I have my phone today yeah! Thank goodness for ziplock baggies, double bag the phone.  Today is blessed and I will be offline most of it.

Peace upon the water, in the hours before dawn.

Today is a day of beauty and not a day to waste.

Sitting on my board and enjoying the moments.

God smiling down from heaven to where I’ placed.

The sun greets my senses; I’ll let my mind race.

Peace upon the water, in the moments the sun breaks.

Today I stand in gods arena, reminded by his grace.

Sitting on my board and greeting his new day.

Smiling as the sun places kisses on my face.

The sun greets my senses; I’ll set today’s pace.

Peace upon the water. I swear this should be my home. Heaven is but a wave away and sunrise proves his gift. Me against the ocean, like a gladiator who stands as a testament to his grace. Willing to stand upon this board and prove myself in the arena he built. On a day he created just for me.

The roar of the wind like the crowds in the coliseum, the sun my Caesar who shall decide if I am good enough, and the ocean shall be my opponent as we dance this day. I stand well trained and ready for today’s battle and in victory or defeat today shall be a glorious spectacle! For I shall give Caesar his show this day.

This is for certain a day that god has made. I wanted you to see the vision that greets my eyes on what I consider a perfect day. Perched upon my board as the sun crests the land then racing toward it. Never quite able to touch it, though it touches me. Oh what a day he has given me, my present is god’s gift.