Being a woman has always been more than skin deep.

Here is a great post on the subject: On being a Woman

Giving this kind of thinking power is what leads to unhealthy body images and anorexia and the like. It leads to objectification of women and that leads to rape and other horrible things. When a woman is defined solely by her outside she becomes no more than an object. Objects are often single dimensional, like a painting that is admired for it’s ascetic beauty and nothing more. The painting can be bought and sold because it has no value beyond it’s base exterior.

ISIS is buying and selling women today because they are mere objects. Objects for the pleasure of men with no further value. I guess Mr. Jenner must subscribe to that idea since he places his own self worth on a exterior facade. People know I don’t often reblog and I won’t but I highly encourage you to read this young ladies post.

I follow her because she’s awesome. Those who know me know my passion for equality and why I joined Naked Jihad. I detest people thinking being a woman is because you have a vagina or being a man because you have a penis. No it is way more than that.

I’ve talked about the men I admire and why. Being a man is more than skin deep. It goes to the very core. It’s this incredible loyalty and inner strength that only a man can have. Being a woman is about the insides too. it’s about the type of loyalty and strength women have. Are they different? Yup as the lady in the post mentions.

This post deserves your attention and while reading it consider for a moment societies role in this thinking and what we can do to change it. This type of thinking is just wrong and it doesn’t lead to healthy self image and self worth. Bruce Jenner is male now and will remain male even after they cut off his penis.

I pray someday society will place little value on gender and role identity and more on character. It takes more character to live how you were born than to run away and let science and medicine give you a mask to define you. I’d have more respect for Mr. Jenner if he just came out and said “I’m gay and I want to sleep with men” than for pretending a surgical procedure can make him a woman.

Mr. Jenner, you’ll never give birth no matter how hard you try, you will never know the truest joys of being a woman. It’s not the fact you have a vagina, it’s the fact of life experience, it’s about biological differences, and frankly it’s about how god made you.

Having a vagina doesn’t make you a woman Mr. Jenner just like having a penis didn’t make you a man. Sure you will no longer be male and you will now be female. But you will never be a woman.