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Well sometimes our past lives come back to help us. I’ve made no secret that I’ve had past boyfriends. One of which was a soldier who recently died in service. I guess I was named beneficiary to his estate which included his life insurance. After contacting his family they insisted I keep what he left me.

My friend Kat was his girlfriend before me. She was immature at the time and cheated on him often. But I’d tell her what I was told. He kept her picture close even the day he died. He loved you Kat, honest he did. Cheating and all.

He wasn’t the greatest boyfriend, sometimes he wasn’t even the best friend. But we all have our faults I guess. I had some good times with him. I’ll try and remember him that way and in those times. I guess I never knew what I meant to him except from his good bye video. He said “My best years were spent with you, thank you. I love you and always have. This isn’t goodbye Michelle, it’s see you on the other side. Joe”

I was sad to hear of his passing, upset he left things to me. I mean it’s been years since we were together. he was my boyfriend for 4+ years.

This wind fall financially comes at a time when I was returning to school for a degree in psychology. I hate seeing our soldiers die and I wouldn’t wish this on any of them. So when I get my degree I’ll have to now find a way to thank him. Maybe I’ll council female vets returning from war part time free of charge. What do you think? Would that say thank you and give back in a way properly to his memory?

He was a good soldier, he loved his country, and he will be missed of that I’m sure. Why did he leave it to me? He said I made his life worth living and he wouldn’t trade a moment with me for ten years more life.

/le sigh


Honestly ideas please? I am taking some of the money and establishing a scholarship fund in his memory too. 403b paperwork /ugh!