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I blame BUSH!

Funny those who know me also know I don’t have one. So I can’t say the only bush I trust is my own. Today I’m just having trouble putting thoughts together. All I want to do is surf today. And write something but I can’t focus at all!

People ask how my mind works. It’s hard to explain but those in the know have seen it. I always have 10-20 projects open on my blog, many times in geosynchronous orbital development. So I figured I’d write and just keep writing for a post.

Whatever comes to mind and if I become nonlinear then so be it. You’d get some picture how my brain works. Perhaps in the end you’ll agree I don’t have a brain. I have a million billion minions chasing random electrical impulses and placing them in my head as thoughts.

Some guys think a pickup line is you bitch let’s do it. Weird men..

Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon. SQUIRREL! Yup you got it. My master gave me this collar so I could talk.

Sarah has a nice butt, what was I saying? Now I’m thinking about her butt. Thank you brain now come back from the gutter. STOP TOUCHING HER BUTT AND LET HER SLEEP! Wait it’s all in my head touch more!!

I should get a butterfly ring!

Time is coming, time for what? I don’t know. Then why’d you suggest it.

Just a few of the things that crossed my mind and it’s racing 100 miles an hour in 10 directions at once. The rubber band that binds it must have to snap sometime! I still blame bush.

It’s the moments spent with those we hold dear that define our age of glory.

Hold onto those moments they may see you through the darkest ages.

This my wisdom I part to you by my words and not the sages.

Weird now I’m writing poetry. Why is it sometimes I can’t focus? My mind is a tool and today it’s scattered all over, time to reorganize. Can’t have a cluttered messy brain you know. Hmmm not horrible I might have to expand on that.

Behind soft skin she hides, waiting for but one glance, one touch, a moment sealed.

Our lips meet and the seal is done, my heart beats with time.

Ok maybe it ain’t so good yet but that’s how half my stuff starts. Random thoughts.

CAFFINEE! Yes that will help. ADHD to the extreme and it plagues me today. Surf I want to surf, wake Sarah with a gentle kiss yes I want that too. I didn’t say where or how I’d kiss her but get your minds out of the gutter. Ok ok I confess mine went there too. Can you blame me she’s so damn cute when she sleeps.

Look at her sleep, so peaceful. I bet her mind isn’t racing. It’s 5am do you know where your brain is right now?

I blame bush!