On to week eight (but only my third entry I missed a few couldn’t help it) of the flash fiction challenge by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Artists, check out their blog and join in. Check out mine inspired by this week’s photo prompt. Photo provided and credited to: (c) Pixabay


106 words
by Michelle Styles

By gods might hand, I dare not crawl, I stand.
What was once broken on the floor.
Now stands whole and broken no more.

The broken girl lay, broken once upon a day.
Now stands at heaven’s door.
The broken girl is broken no more.

God’s call heard and heeded by her.
Head up, chin out, walk, nay soar.
On wings and air, she smiles once more.

Into the heavens, upon his breath.
She spreads her wings and with a roar.
She feels welcome now at heaven’s door.

Flesh takes form at the masters will.
Flesh obeys from deepest core.
Now she’s free on welcome shore.