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I finally saw the video of the woman in NY being cat called. You guessed it I have a few things to say about that. I’ll set the stage. An attractive woman with big breasts and a round butt dressed in skin tight clothing and walked (pranced more like it to make her boobs bounce more than usual) around New York for 10 hours.

During that time she received 108 “cat calls”. But only after moving to the poorest part of Harlem did the cat calls start so she spent most of her time there. Can we examine for a moment her idea of harassment aka cat calls?

In the 108 harassing statements were:

5 “smile”

3 “god bless you”

9 “good morning”

3 “hello”

7 “good evenings”

27 things people call harassing? I call hello, smile, good morning, good evening and god bless you manners. So we now have 81 “cat calls” or harassing statements.

Here is my take. If you dress in tight clothes, walk around intentionally bouncing your breasts and strutting like you own the place. You’re going to catch the eye of men. I know when I dress all up sexy like I am expecting I’ll hear some comments, as does my wife when she does. I also expect certain neighborhoods there will be more comments than others. So if I am going out looking for the attention as this girl did why would I be upset about getting it?

Feminists will tell you “women shouldn’t have to deal with that harassment.” They are right we shouldn’t have to and we can avoid much of it easy enough. Start out by not strutting and intentionally bouncing your boobs extra in tight clothing so you get more attention. If you don’t want the attention don’t make yourself the center of attention intentionally.

Now does this excuse the actual rude comments like “hey how much” but you can easily avoid extra attention without going out of your way to avoid it. I am also not saying she had no right to wear tight clothing or that harassment is ever ok. What I am saying is in this case we have just under 5 minutes of video with 108 cat calls and 9 hours and 55 minutes of men who said nothing.

We also have 99% of these cat calls in a predominately poor and less educated neighborhood. A neighborhood were few white woman who are not prostitutes walk in. She was dressed in tight clothing and providing extra bounce in her steps intentionally. I wonder why she got the cat calls. NOT!

They aren’t right and they shouldn’t happen. No one man or woman should have to put up with harassment. But we need to carefully define harassment before applying such a liberal brush as counting hello or god bless as harassment. We also should note for the exercise she spent most of her time just walking in silence.

I don’t think that’s as big a problem as the feminists would have you believe.

We can fix cat calls by looking and finding high caliber men. My suggestion ladies, look for the men other shallow women overlook. Sure he might wear glasses, be nerdy, be overweight, be less popular, or not have rock hard abs. But he’ll treat you like a queen, he’ll respect you and he’ll appreciate you.

When women stop being so shallow and picking shallow men then the shallow men will adapt or die off. Let’s face it ladies the hard body men are shallow and when it comes to women they are socially retarded. Aren’t you worth being someone’s queen?

I was asked all the time why TJ? I’ve explained it in the past why I liked him so and why he remains in good graces today. He is sweet, kind, thoughtful and he treats me like a queen. But he was never captain of the football team, he wasn’t the jock every shallow girl wanted. No he was a boy scout (an eagle scout), he plays chess and D&D, he is a little awkward at times socially. But he is also not shallow, conceited, or pigheaded and he always treats me with respect.

The feminists complain “it’s so hard to get a guy.” But yet when one says hello, good morning, god bless you or anything it is street harassment. You wonder why guys don’t talk to girls anymore and it’s because feminists told them not to. This video is a perfect example of that.

For me, guys if you want to say I am pretty then say it. If you want to say hello, god bless, good morning/night then say it. I even accept the compliments of DAMN! Where do I draw the line? No is no. That is my line. After that it’s harassment. Maybe that’s the stripper in me, maybe it’s my personal insecurity with my own looks. But I don’t mind a little attention or even a compliment.

I accept DAMN as in wow she is pretty. I accept hey baby as the guy is socially retarded when it comes to women and that’s just his way of saying DAMN! It’s all in perspective.

But when I dress in tight clothes, bounce my boobs extra and strut down the street. I know the comments I’m going to get. Yet I still choose to walk the poor neighborhood, wear tight clothes and bounce my boobs for attention. Then I’m also not surprised when some guy yells out “how much”. I usually say “Doesn’t your mommy give it up for you little boy”, “for you? Not even if you were bill gates” or something like that. Sometimes I just smile and ignore them.

But admit it ladies we know the moment we put on the clothes what kinds of comments we might hear. So let’s be adults and if we wear the clothes with attitude then show the attitude and own the clothes. Let’s be less concerned with harmless comments like hello and more concerned with the real rude comments.

Examining the 81 rude comments over 600 minutes of video and the fact of the location she spent most of her time in. She was intentionally looking for the lowest common denominator and the 595 minutes of good men are overlooked all together. It’s wrong, it’s false advertising and it’s baiting the conversation. Not quite the way to prove your point eh?

Again can she dress how she wants? Yes Can she walk where she wants? Yes Should she be exposed to true harassment? No Are some of these comments rude? Yes But ladies be real here does 108 comments represent the 25,000 men she passed? I don’t think so.

Let’s let men be men, choose better men and let the true pigs die off because they can’t breed. They kind of need us for that and they will learn respect and decency or they can never propagate. Problem solved and we ladies are in full control.