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Those who know me know I will never blame the victim. But I’d like to discuss the sad situation in Panama City this year involving a woman who was passed out on the beach and what appears to have been at least four men who raped her.

First rape is never ok and the victim did not consent then it IS rape. The fact she was passed out should have meant to any sane and rational man that she could not and has not consented to sex. Can a man really enjoy it if his partner doesn’t even move? Just sick!

Now what went wrong? Apparently many things did. Let’s start with why was this girl alone? Where were her friends? I never ever go places like this alone. We (my friends and I) always have a sober person looking out for us. This includes every time; from dancing to concerts to vacations.

Why was she so drunk she passed out? Well maybe she was slipped a mickey so to speak.

What the hell was up with 100s of able bodied people standing and watching a gangrape? I think every one of them should be charged with accessory to rape. That is disgusting behavior. If I saw an unconscious woman and a man having sex with her in public I’d certainly get involved.

First call 911. Even being deaf we have a 911 app and location on our phones. Get pictures for the police so people could be prosecuted. Try to get a few decent young men to help me protect the girl.

What is up with these four (or more) animals (I won’t call them men they don’t deserve it by their actions) who raped her? Is this what todays men are becoming? I hope the hell not. I won’t let my son become like them. But why does it seem so many people today have no moral character.

They rape or watch a rape and say and do nothing. As a matter of a fact many people recorded it. Really? Just sick, people today are just sick. And these are our best young and brightest?

So many things went wrong here but the worst part is all those people who did nothing. It’s a telling sign for what today’s youth has or is becoming.

Drinking can be fun but really ladies here are some safety tips.

  • Never drink alone
  • Always have sober friends (enough to drive everyone home) watching out for you
  • Take turns being the sober one and take the responsibility seriously
  • Never accept a drink from a stranger. No matter how cute he or she is, how nice they seem.
  • Get your drinks directly at the bartender and never leave them unattended.
  • If you see something obviously wrong get involved at very least call 911.
  • If you get separated have a meeting spot and times prearranged
  • Protect yourself and your friends because this case shows NO ONE else will.

These seem common sense but it seems today’s world is sadly lacking in that. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Those words are more true today than ever.