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For those willing to look,

deep into my eyes.

I can be found buried within,

behind the scars that lie.

For those willing to venture,

into my very soul.

I can be found and always have,

behind the scars and toll.

For those willing to see,

the girl trapped inside.

I can be found waiting,

behind the scars that lied.

For those willing to embrace,

the pain inside of me.

I can be found crying.

behind the scars you see.

For those willing to enter,

a world as dark as mine.

I can be found triumphant,

behind the scars that bind.

For those willing to look deeply,

beyond betraying eyes.

I can be found within myself,

behind the scars that lie.

For those willing to reach out,

you’ll find me reaching too.

I can be found hopeful,

behind the scars for you.

For those willing to see past,

the ugliness and pain.

I can be found living,

behind the scars and rain.

For those willing to take a chance,

and take a hit or two.

I can be found just sitting,

behind the scars, thank you.

For those who have taken the time to crawl inside my pain. Those willing to rush into the darkness to find this lost girl. I’ve been saved by you. I find these people incredible and heroic. These people willing to take on the pain of another are heroes. They plow headlong into pain, they have to bear it themselves and in the end they grab your hand and carry you to safety.

There were many searching for me. Some for a very long time and others only recently (relatively speaking) joined the fight. I can’t begin to express what these people mean to me. In the darkness and inch by inch they wouldn’t give in. In the end behind the scars I was found.

While my scars physically are now removed (mostly). There are still outward signs but the internal scars are still visible to me. What changed? I won’t allow them to define me anymore. To many people have given so much to bring me here, they fought through those scars.

I’ve learned a few things from these people too. These scars would have you believe they are scars of shame and defeat. But these scars tell of my survival and that makes them scars of triumph.

So today I can smile in the warm sun and be unashamed of the scars that lie. For those willing I can be found, no longer behind the scars but right here. Later you will find a new cover picture on this site I want it to reflect my struggle and our victory over scars that lie.