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Slowly she slides in beside me careful I don’t wake.

With a hand on my stomach, her head on my shoulder.

Her breath on my neck, in this love she has a stake.

My heart beats, my love a flame and inside I smolder.

With each beat I burn and know my love’s not fake.

Days pass and love grows, I love her more as I grow older.

I pretend to sleep and think inside, kiss me for god sake.

I feel her smile with my eyes closed, as she gets bolder.

Many mornings I pretend to sleep when she crawls in bed with me. I enjoy her touch more each day and our connection is stronger still. Is it bad I can see her smile without opening my eyes? She is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid eyes upon. With each day I grow older and she more radiant. I thank god for her every day and every night. I am truly the most blessed person to hold her tender love.

I wonder does she know my deception?