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In life there are many truths. There is truth, absolute truth and universal truth. Let me explain them and why I felt the need to write this.

Universal truth is a truth that is undisputable. There are very few “undisputable” truths. The only example I can think of is we live on the third planet orbiting the sun.

Why are there so few undisputable truths? Because truth generally is subjective. What I mean by this is simple. When you ask three people what they just witnessed, their version of the truth will be shaded by their own lives, beliefs and life experiences. I’ll give you an example now.

Under oath three eye witnesses to the Ferguson shooting where asked to give testimony. The officer claimed the young man was charging him and he ceased fire when the young man stopped charging. Another eyewitness claimed the young man had his hands up and had stopped charging while the officer fired several more shots. A third witness claimed the young man only stopped charging when he fell to the ground and never raised his hands or stopped and the officer may have fired once or twice more.

Three people, the same scene, and yet radically different testimony. Yet all where the truth and nothing but the truth to those telling about what they witnessed. The truth they told was influenced by life experiences and colored by the eye of those bearing witness.

When it comes to faith there is absolute truth. But that absolute truth is colored by ones own beliefs. If you ask a Muslim who can get to heaven they will say only Muslims can. Where Catholics will say only Catholics can and Christians will say only Christians can. They can’t all be right now can they? But to each they believe absolutely they are based in truth.

Each might present evidence based in archeology and history to prove their book and their beliefs. But that absolute truth remains absolute only to them. Faith in god is far from a universal truth, religion is far from a universal truth. But it can evoke very strong reactions because to those involved; their faith is an absolute truth to them.

I’ve received a ton of pressure lately by many Christian friends. (Some –about eight- of whom I’ve simply blocked and then dropped as friends due to behavior I thought was over the top, while others I haven’t blocked.) I’m all for spirited debate, all for learning about other faiths (This is why I’ve read the Catholic bible, three different Christian bibles, the Torah, the book of latter-day saints and the Quran) and I even attend Christian church with my wife Sarah. But I am not Christian nor do I see myself relinquishing my faith in my heavenly father to follow another path.

I have my own faith. While mine doesn’t say you can’t go to heaven as other faiths do, my faith in what I believe is also an absolute truth. My faith in my father in heaven is absolute truth to me. I’m happy for anyone who has discovered an absolute truth of their own. I think it’s awesome because we all must believe in what we feel is right.

For my wife it’s her Christian faith and my son has chosen to walk that path as well and I support them in those choices. I know they aren’t totally off the path I follow because I know as my faith and Christian faith have many parallels. But it’s not my faith, the same faith that has given me an angel to stop my nightmares, the same faith that brought me so many prayers and support, the same faith that’s seen me through it all.

I’ve found no flaws in the bible as Jesus gave all glory to the father, just as I give all glory to the father as well. The presence of man can be seen in the bible however, especially given the numerous variations of the same supposed word. (Even in the Old Testament you can find these variations and they have the unchanged Torah for translation and thus it should never vary.)

So it’s a great story of hope but how much of it is mans work and how much is holy or divine? A question I luckily don’t need to nor desire to answer. It surffices me to read the hope and unconditional love found in the heavenly father for all his sons and daughters. One doesn’t have to believe every word to understand the message of that love, hope and grace.

Is my faith different than yours? Yes. My faith dates back some ten thousand years. It doesn’t believe it is the only way to heaven and it’s about example and not words to change others.

Are there places it parallels Christianity? Yes. We both believe in a gracious and loving heavenly father as well as a personal relationship with god. We both believe in an after life spent with god. There are to many to list them all here.

Will I convert to Christianity ever? I guess you can never say never, but at the moment there is no scenario I can see where I do or will. I don’t see a need to abandon my faith and that of those before me because I already know my heavenly father’s love.

I’d caution you though. It’s very easy to discount another’s beliefs. Yup and it’s hard sometimes to have your own absolute truth not accepted as the same by everyone. Unless you understand that absolute truth isn’t absolute for everyone. My absolute truth might not even be truth to another and the converse is true as well. That’s why faith and religion are not universal truths.

Instead my friends I choose to be what my heavenly father tells me to be. I am an example of his faithful here on earth. My life is testimony by itself and my life will speak of my faith and not my mouth for those willing to look. I do not actively seek to convert others but I will always share my faith when asked and I will demonstrate it by my actions.

I will go to my afterlife knowing my father’s love and secure in the fact I will be saved. I know I’ll see some and I hope many of you there because my father loves everyone and not just those who think exactly like me. It’s too bad so many faiths think they are the only way it breeds only people trying to convert others.

Conversion happens by living example and not words, force or persuasion. How you live, treat others and conduct your life. These are the things that make people say gee I would love to be more like them. I live my life in this manner.

Thank you and rant now complete.