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The above is an audiogram. Most deaf people have seen one of these before, but if you’re like me, you won’t have bothered to find out what they mean, other than ‘You are deaf. You are very, very, very deaf.’ Or in my case ‘You hear nothing at all.’

From left to right, the audiogram is arranged like the keys on a piano, with low frequencies on the left and higher frequencies on the right.

From top to bottom is a measure of volume, in decibels.

Most people are born with perfect hearing. At the age of 18, your hearing is as good as it’s ever going to be. In fact, you’ll probably hear higher frequencies that people in their 30s and later in life can’t. As people age, they lose more and more hearing in the high frequency range.

I was born unable to hear any sound. My charts were blank.

My initial chart after the first tunings is below. My first sounds ever are recorded there.


But a year after my CI and only six months after the first implants were turned on the below was my hearing chart. I still had slight hearing lose but it was leaps and bounds better than the first tuning. In other words there were frequencies that still required a higher decibel than usual for me to hear them.


The chart includes the first time it was turned on, the line with X’s. I was feeling very bummed because this seemed like not much of a change for me. They told me be patient we haven’t put in the hearing aids.

Adjustments made to the hearing aid “sound collector”, oh better but sound feel off quickly as the frequency increased. Another moment of being bummed but I did hear some. They weren’t done yet though.

Then the final map 12 results. This was the moment and yet still some hearing lose. Bt I could hear between the hearing aids and the implants I could hear, speak, sing and interact. Even though I has some mild hearing lose I was thrilled.

The six months to get here wasn’t so much fun. Multiple adjustments, so many charts and tests. But in the end patience paid off and it was worth it.

We believed at the time this was the best it’s ever going to get. I was pleased with these results from nothing to mild lose and normal ratings. But then another surgery and new implants. So what is my hearing now after the second real tuning?

Drum role please.


Everything is in the normal range today and they feel we can still improve some of this. My high frequency still falls off some but they say it can all be adjusted still. My own ears are the difference here. The new hybrid implants are a living miracle.

Phones and certain noises still bother me some but in the end these results speak for themselves. Everything is in the normal range for me. I am more than very pleased and they say it might improve even more? Thank you god for my ears!