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As always I welcome ALL comments. I encourage discourse and dialog but let’s keep it civil.

We’ve been down this road on my blog before. It’s time to cover this again.

First point is marriage is a law of the united states of America. It grants certain rights and responsibilities as well as a legal recognition to two parties. As a law it must apply equally to all people or it fails the equal protections clause of our constitution. It’s not about a church since judges, captains of a ship and justices of the peace can marry people and they aren’t priests, pastors or holy men at all.

Second I understand the Christian point of view that the word marriage has a meaning to them beyond any man made law. However the US choose to name the law marriage and therefore we need to separate the two opposing definitions. Why do you think at the end of a “legal marriage” ceremony they say “by the power vested in me by the state of (fill in a state here)”? Because it’s not about the biblical definition of the word.

Third I am all in favor of changing the word to union so that all couples are united under a single law. Male/female, male/male, female/female should all have the same rights under the law. And allow churches to perform marriages under god and recognize the marriage under man’s law as a legal union.

This solves the problem of the word. It seems that is the only sticking point in this matter after all. There is not a Christian I know who wants any law to discriminate against anyone. They only object because the word marriage has a higher meaning to them. So let’s change the word shall we?

I don’t want to co-opt a word for the sake of equality. I do however want to see the law changed to recognize every citizen and afford the same rights, privileges and responsibilities to all fairly. I’m also sensitive to the desire of Christians to protect a word they see as a holy covenant reserved for god.

 If you disagree then explain to me why I shouldn’t be protected the same with my spouse Sarah as you are with yours?
 Why she can’t make medical decisions on my behalf?
 Property rights upon death? I mean she SHOULD get the house we own and not have to fight it in probate.
 Rights to cover her under my healthcare or her cover me under hers?
 Why we can’t file head of household or joint taxes, receive child tax credit or receive tax gains as a couple on the sale of the house we’ve lived in together as a couple for a decade?

We’ve been a couple for near sixteen years now. Why shouldn’t we receive the same protections? Because we are denied “marriage under US law” she can’t take family medical leave if I got sick nor could I take it for her. No we have to quit our jobs to do this. Give me one reason why she and I should be exempt from this or ANY federal and state law. Just one valid reason to discriminate against me?

Change the legal word, leave marriage to church and all couples even if marriage under god and church will then be protected under the same law as everyone else when it comes to man’s law. Problem solved.

If we don’t come to a compromise them sooner or later the supreme court will be forced to hear an equal protections challenge and it will be forced to strike down the definition of marriage to allow all citizens equal access and equal protection under the law. I say let the dialog begin and let’s settle this like adults without a court of law forcing the issue. What say you?