Think about this; a woman can legally hire a professional, to butcher and kill her unborn baby, as long as the baby is still located in the womb. They call it a fetus then. But if the baby doesn’t die before it exits the womb? Then it has legal protections once it is out because now suddenly it’s a baby. Even if it just barely survived an abortion attempt inside the womb while it –was- legal to kill it now and only now it’s a life?

Remember the only difference in the above discussion is proximity to the womb and not age or any other factor.

However if a man killed that same pregnant woman (even if she was on here way inside the clinic to “get” an abortion) suddenly that same life which exists only in the womb and was defined as fetus so it could be aborted is suddenly a baby. That baby has rights to life and the man is charged with murder.

The definition of life is all screwed up my friends. Something is or is not a life. If it is a life here, then it is a life there and visa versa. Ask Purvi Patel who just got 20 years in prison for a self-abortion without a “medical professional”. Yes the quotes are intended because they may be doctors but they swore an oath to protect life not take it so I don’t believe them ethical or professional.

And the only difference between feticide and a legal abortion is the involvement of a “medical professional.” The intent or involvement of the mother isn’t even at issue. Obviously a woman who gets an abortion intends feticide and is involved in it.

Abortion is legal feticide and is so only because the State calls it legal. There’s no other difference. Both result in the death of the fetus, just one is with a “medical professional” and the other without. Yet one is legal and the other is murder. Is not a life still a life regardless of who murders it?

And the only difference between feticide and infanticide is the physical location of the baby, and not the nature of the baby. The same baby that is not protected in the womb is suddenly a life once it leaves its mother. It’s also protected at some arbitrary number of weeks as a life while inside the womb. What is this a buyer’s remorse clause for pregnancy? Nah I didn’t really mean to have sex….you’re inside your buyers remorse period miss.

Life is life and we can’t set an arbitrary value to what is life. When we do eugenics is the next answer and that’s close on the heels of that choice. Post term abortions for babies born crippled, babies born handicapped, babies born that the state says is not a life worth protecting and babies born the state sees as undesirable.

We all become expendable when life become arbitrary and inconsistent as defined by mankind’s laws which are prone to error and inconsistency. Eugenics was the reason for abortion. Why else do you think more abortions are performed on women of color than any other group at a rate approaching 4 to 1? Because at the time the state decided black babies were undesirable and planned parenthood and the racist Margaret Sanger set out to do just that. Erase black babies!

Abortion and planned parenthood exist for this reason and none other. It’s not about choice, rights or woman’s issues. It’s about eugenics and killing undesirable babies. Namely poor or minority babies.

Life is defined beyond human reasoning so humans shouldn’t try and define it at all. Why? Just look how screwed up we’ve already made it. My heavenly father blessed my Josef before he saw the world outside my womb. He was a life the moment he was conceived and not because mankind says so, but because god said so.

Do we really need the state to tell us we are alive? If we do then what happens when they decide you are undesirable and are no longer a life. We’ve already done that to mentally challenged people in our past. We’ve done it to people of color and the people who called this land home before this nation existed. Still think they can’t do it to you?

Think about that next time the bleeding hearts talk about compassion and women’s rights and blah blah blah. A racist policy created abortions to exterminate and control the black population and is still doing so today.

We’re crazy in our heads and crazy in our hearts because we murder our unborn children. That makes my heart bleed.