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Recent news has two groups pitted against each other. But are they really? Some very vocal members of the gay and lesbian community are up in arms but what about the average lesbian? Well I for one believe a Christian or anyone should have a right to practice their lives and businesses in a way they see as moral and ethical.

If that means someone refuses to make an anniversary cake for myself and my wife so be it. There are 50 other places that will. Who loses here? No one. So I have to go somewhere else for my cake but I still get it and the shop owner keeps their own morality.

So do I support the gay and lesbian leaders in their crusade against al things Christian? No. Their opinion means nothing to me. They are on the wrong side of this fight. The same as I have rights as a human being not to be discriminated against so does the shop owner have the same rights. It is as wrong for me to force my views upon them as them to force theirs on me.

I don’t care about the gay and lesbian leaders world view (leaders hmmm I don’t remember electing them to speak for me but I digress). What gives them the right to attack, belittle and chastise Christians? Nothing. Not a damn thing.

You’ll find most average gay and lesbian people value liberty and your freedoms as well as our own. Most don’t subscribe to the “leadership” of the gay and lesbian community. Most support your right to your own morals and your desire to live your life by them as best you can.

Which brings me to another subject and the one I really wanted to tackle here.

I hear from the other side how I am such a sinner. Here is my simple answer. Isn’t god the judge of ALL sin? Did god place a ranking for sin? Do you sin? The only truthful answers are Yes, No and Yes. So here are my issues.

1) I am not Christian so who are you to FORCE your morality upon me?
2) Why do you feel so holy that you can usurp god as judge?
3) Wasn’t your commandment by Jesus to love everyone?

I can once more give you the answers. 1) You don’t have that right or responsibility. 2) You are only human and should remember that. 3) Yes that was the word of Jesus. Love everyone and not just love Christians. Love sinners, and faithful alike.

Never once did Jesus say force others to believe as you. No he said love them and by your “loving example” they will be lead to me. He didn’t say to judge one another either. He told us his father will judge the hearts of man. Jesus loved all, sinner, rabbi, Jew and gentile alike. His example is my understanding of the basis of Christian faith. What would he say to calling me a sinner? I bet his reply to you would be something like “are you ready to be judged yourself sinner?”

Last remember you are a sinner also, so before casting your stones at me try fixing your own sinful life and let me live in love and peace the same as I wish for you. I too believe in the heavenly father and I won’t pretend I have no sin to answer for. But I will answer for my sin and you for yours and I will answer while not usurping gods role as judge. Can you say the same while casting stones at sinners?

When god judges me he will see I lead a life of love and did my best to glorify him. I know I am a sinner and I am unashamed to admit that. I don’t ignore the log in my eye and I won’t pretend to point out the twig in yours. I will say to my Christian friends this. When Jesus came across the crowd waiting to throw stones at a woman what did he do? He defended the sinner and called the crowd out on their own sins.

I don’t ask you to accept my life style but I do ask you to love me, the sinner and the saint in me. You don’t have to accept but you should always love. Love would never seek to tear another down by calling them sinners, it would build them up by recognizing we all sin and there is good in everyone. God works in those willing and since we are all sinners, it’s safe to say god works in sinners.

My rights don’t trump yours and your morals don’t dictate mine. But there is room for everyone to be loved and accepted as children of the same god in a judgment free manner where we may dislike what we see as sin but we love and embrace the sinner. Because we are all sinners before the eyes of the one and only true judge of mankind.